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I have seen a wave of new users sign up on the DB. Most of them are great users and will continue to use the PokeBase well. Some examples I could name such as SuperTyphlosion.

But then I also realised that many of them (not ST and BF) have started to question answers like, where's your source man? The answerer will generally be a experienced user and will know what to do and what not.

To New Users: Not every single answer needs a source!
So if you're a new user, do what's right and don't tell people who know what they are doing to add a source.

BTW I am not targeting anybody in specific.

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I mean you kind of want proof i know not all my answers include sources but i always have source ready if someone ask for it.
Hah, Blue Flare, the duplicate account, you mean?
lolwut Mew?
Check the "Why were you banned?" Q.
Flare is right. Not every single answer needs a source. A lot of new users say they everyone's answer needs a source which isn't true
Totally totally true!
I started seeing this trend, a lot time ago, and wondered why people had to mention a source.

For informational purposes, links and sources are always useful so people can get even more information than provided by an answer, but not necessary for simple questions.
This is getting ridiculous, I agree. Half the time people's 'source' is experience or logic; we don't need to dump a link every time we answer. And many people don't even know the real definition of it either. +1.
I just realized... Flare said I use the DB well?! Wow... Thanks Flare! Sorry, at first I thought you were saying I was posting sources on too many of my answers. I almost had a heart attack! I felt dizzy and my heart was pumping crazy fast! Whew!
You're welcome ST. And you are a great new User.

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We don't need to have a source but I sure as hell like a source.
If they want a source for an answer to their question, just give them a source. Hardly any work and they can be sure that we know what we're talking about. How are new users to know who knows what's what on this site?
Answer without a source first if you want. If they ask you for one later, oblige.

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Trachy is right, but I will also add that this is listed in the rules:

Do not mass-copy other pages directly: You can quote sections from other sites (start the line with a > character), but if possible write something in your own words. Also note that links to sources are not required, especially if it's a simple answer.

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