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Maybe you could split the Pokebase to different categories.
Here's a few:

  • INDIVIDUAL moveset help. (Instead of general movesets, movesets that will help people with their specific Pokemon in their situation.)
  • RMTs (Rate My Teams)
  • Game Help (help going through a certain part in the game)
  • General/Misc. (Everything else)
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Yeah it's an interesting suggestion. I'm not sure exactly what we should do with team/pokemon help questions.

People want to know whether their moveset is any good or not, but they don't get many replies on the moveset questions.

But at the same time, I don't want everyone to keep posting the same type of threads over and over and over with almost identical movesets. It clutters up the site and as users we don't want to keep telling everyone the same things (get rid of Hyper Beam, etc).

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