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So in an attempt to better categorize and recognize subjects of questions, why don't we add a little subject box for every question regarding game, and if you'd like more, stuff like puzzle, item help?
One category on the Pokebase for questions could be categorized by game, or something!
Than there is also the category of puzzle, item help, technical help, etc. Just a little drop box or something!

As for Meta questions, I think Meta needs it more!
You can categorize, suggestions (like this!), technical difficulties, problems, help, announcements, name changes (maybe?), etc.

I don't know how much this could or could not help the Pokebase and all, but that's all this is; a suggestion! And I'll leave it at that!

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That is what tags are for.
Yeah, but you wouldn't have to scroll through all of the junk you don't feel like reading looking for good tags :/
Yes, but tags are a little to specific too!

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Yeah this is what tags are supposed to do. But there are a few problems with tags like very similar tags clogging up the list, e.g. "evs" and "ev" and "ev-training". And tags like black/white are 2 different tags even though most questions are not specific to one game, they apply to both.

But I've already made a new thing to merge tags so that'll be done soon. After that, hopefully all the editors will help edit questions to make sure they are given the right tags :)

As for meta, it does say already when you ask a question to use specific tags like "pokebase" or "suggestion" so that I can filter the questions.

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Great! Because a lot of tags do have a few duplicates
I fixed a few
I hope the ones without the dashes are taken out, or vice versa.
Like "Pokemon-black" and not "pokemon black"