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Good job on the Mobile App by the way, better than all the Apps on the App store! Anyway, I suggest adding the stat totals that a Pokemon can reach. For example, Gyarados can reach a speed stat total of 284(I think), so I suggest the highest and lowest stats a Pokemon could have. If you dont understand, look at that the bottom of the link to see what I'm talking about.


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l know what you mean! The max and minimum possible stat, right?
For example on Blissey is HP: (?) ~ 714  Right?
Yes, that's about right :)
Also what about maybe adding abilities or natures?Thats very useful when quick
Is this on iPodTouch?

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Yep, a decent suggestion, we have that on the main site. I wanna make sure we don't have information overload on the app though :)

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