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Some of the search results are porn sites? That actually have the pokemondb in their search detail summary.

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That's disturbing. How do they have pokemondb in their summary? o_O
For the good of the site, I'll look and see what this site is used for on the sites. :P Kidding, I'm not alone at the moment, so wouldn't be able to check for a while XD
I used to like Pokémon for ages. I love them now
Yeah, let you have all the fun.
And whats up with the insanely random tags ? XD
Also, what are you searching with?
I want to start using it XD

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What exactly are you searching for and where? If you are using http://pokemondb.net/search there are sometimes adverts at the top and right of the results. Don't think I can change that, sorry.

But if you let me know the URL of the sites that are appearing I'll see if I can block them or anything. I already blocked a lot of dodgy ads for things like "interracial gay dating" (seriously, do services for this specific purpose really exist?!) that were targeted at our "black and white" pages ಠ_ಠ

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Interracial gay dating? :D :D :D Interracial...xD ROFL
Just by entering in pokemondb on google search.
That's weird, I did that and couldn't see anything dodgy at all. Are you sure your computer is alright, no viruses or anything?
Dang it Trachy, your computer knows you too well XD
:D :D :D
It must be me. Whenever I search anything, no matter how chaste, I always end up getting pornograpiphic images and sites. Maybe my SafeSearch shouldn't be off... But the real problem is these sites actually having this site linked there somewhere (haven't checked). And also, I got rid of the last virus I got from one of these sites. :P
You should definitely make sure you have some anti-virus software installed. Microsoft Security Essentials isn't too bad (it's free and doesn't slow down your computer). Check your browser plugins and toolbars too, sometimes when you install a program it adds crapware to your browser.
I do now. Any virus I used to have was wiped out. But still missing the point. The fact that these sites are connected to this site...