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By which I mean stuff like Hackmons, Tiershift, STABmons, and CAP.

Despite the fact that these do not use official Pokemon (at least not in legit manners) they are accepted metagames that are as official as the tiers. They even have a specific metagame option for them on Pokemon Showdown. They have their own strategies and threats that you need to deal with, and it's not just a matter of suggesting more broken Pokemon.

I feel no downside in letting these metagame types on the RMT. By having them, we can allow people to increase their knowledge about these metagames and create better teams for them.

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I agree with everything but hackmons. You can have every thing you can imagine. There is thousands of combonations. For BH, maybe, but its still a huge combonation of moves.
I agree with BH, but Hackmons is too damn crazy. I agred with everything else you said, though.
While there are a large number of possible teams you can have, there are less that are viable. It's like with Uber battling. You can have every single Pokemon, but you aren't going to, since most of them don't work well.

Plus, it's not like we have to remake the entire team for the person and just add random Pokemon that manage to work well in Hackmons. All we're doing with answering RMTs is improving the original vision of the teambuilder.

And Balanced Hackmons has only a few things banned that Hackmons doesn't have banned. They're not all that different in terms of what you can do. Hell, Deoxys-S is still awesome in that, although for a different reason from Hackmons.
I'd post my BH team XD
Pokemaster, please see this.

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Since people are bugging me about this I guess I should answer.

This is another perfect candidate for the forum when it's eventually done. That's all I have to say on the matter ;)

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If there gonna be a sneak peak if the forums which we can see? :3