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Ok we all know most new users don't read the rules.
People always ask how to BA on chat and all of the questions that would of been answered if they read the rules.
My proposition is that for every user that is under a Month old has a pop-up on there screen that has a "Did you Know" type quote.

Did you know that to give a Best Answer you need to click the tick next to the answer?

This would be a simple but effective method to get the New Users to understand the rules.
The Pop-Up would also change after they click onto another part of the Pokebase.

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Definitly a good idea?
Definitely a bad idea. Most browsers block ALL pop-ups, making this impossible.
If what JCM is true, then no offence but this wouldn't work let alone like it.
Not only would it not work for me, but users can just skip that too. There is no possible way we can force users to read the rules. Just cross your fingers and hope.
Well, Flare, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome (All the newer versions of these) block pop-ups, making this impossible.
I read the rules when I was new.
Thats why i said most.

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How about a pop-up that says "Do not be harsh on the new users, forcing people to read the rules is pointless and an annoyance... Let them do it themselves. Pokemaster has a heads up for the rules anyways. Thanks."

Sounds excellent.

To be honest, these have been asked too much. If it is a new user, we will approve or reject it. There is a term for this, known as Learning through Experience.

inb4 "ninja u r so mean"

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Ninja u r so mean :P
Anyway they are not forced to read it and it would only be a pop-up within the site not on the browser.
As I recall that's more or less how I learned was from Mods and Editors and experienced users(Sciz and Fizz mainly :P) who explained stuff to me then that was that and I learned.