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Rmt rules suggestion.

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•EVs (effort values) - if you don't know about these then you must state the Pokemon's role in the team (attacker, defender, sweeper, wall etc).

This has been bugging me for ages and im sure its been bugging other users as well.

I suggest removing the rule and replacing with just Evs.
Nobody ever tends to rate teams that dont use Evs and to be fair the teams are usually not Competative batteling fit due to the fact most wifi teams to the present day are usually ev trained or have been created by other means such as Pokegen.
They dont benefit the site and are not worth rating, they usually have bad sets and when they do list roles they usually use the roles in the wrong ways.
Such as the other day i cant remember who or the actual problem but someone listed a sweeper as a wall.
Roles are not needed as they dont explain it, usually its clear if the pokemon are roles.
Descriptions are better suited explaining what they do for the team but most people never bother with this even some of the top users so i dont see new users doing it in a million years, especially considering most dont read the rules.
I would put reasons for them listing roles but i have non as stated its clear to even the dumest of noobs.
I think any team which doesnt have evs should be hidden as they usually are, what differance does adding a word stating the job which is already clear?

Anyway sorry to bother you can i get feedback from othger users, especially rmt active users.

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Well, this site has a pretty easy to grasp explanation for EVs: http://pokemondb.net/ev - It's not exactly rocket science. And the RMT is for competitive battling, which you can't really play in competitive without EVs.
I guess so, you win ;D
Normally rating there teams would be as good as starting from scratch, if they don't have evs they may as well not have moves, they just can't function in a battle.
I agree just have EV'S I found that out in one day. It is super easy.
just bringing this back up seen as nothings really happened.

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OK this is late, but I have updated the rules to something more strict:

If you don't know about EVs then take a few moments to read our detailed EV guide here. If you are still not sure, put in something basic (e.g. max attack, max speed for a physical sweeper).

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