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Can it be ok for people to create their own events and announce them on meta pokemaster? The events will be for pokemon giveaways only. They have to post their events as answers on my question. So tell me if it is ok or not.

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no, people create them instead of find real ones. I think it would be cool!

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Clearly I'm not Pokemaster but I'm sure he would say no. Though he is working on a Forum in time for x and y so when that forum is up I'm sure he will not mind if you post it there. We don't want the meta being cluttered with threads that don't have anything to do with the meta (yeah I'm a hypocryt). Even then this idea would never really take off with almost non of the top frequent users actually using wifi or asking for Pokemon via trading because of editing tools (eg Pokegen) allowing them to obtain their Pokemon free of hassle (I assume that's how you are planning on making the events).

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I don't want it cluttered, so the events will be only told about on my question. I would hate the meta to be cluttered by new events created by people. Or does the meta still get cluttered when the events are all on my question only?
Nobody cares about damn fake events, ugh.
The events the users create have to be real once they are created JirachiCelebiMew. The person that creates it needs the pokemon they say that are in the event. Right now, lets just wait for a response from Pokemaster, all right.