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Lets say I'm working with Leboss on a team or something, and then I make an RMT about it. If he wants to change something, make it some way so I can give him permission to edit or something like that. I think this might benefit some teams made by two.

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Ok, it may sound good when you put it like that but...
What happens when a troll comes on and deletes the whole RMT?
I am no Pokemaster / Mod but i don't think this will happen.

If you won't to make teams in a group use:

He means the ability to let only certain non-expert.editor/mods edit chosen RMT's, not just anybody.
I have to agree with Scizorman. Though your asking for a system only chosen users can use its as simple as asking the co writer, expert, editor ect to edit it in. If it was an important change then I'm sure that would have been included in the RMT. If not once again just ask someone who can edit it in. If you need to edit in your descriptions then you maybe should have written then on priate pad or whatever. I guess its just a case of patience and though the idea is pretty neat, I can't see it working.
I already was planning to make an RMT with Hex and there's a much better idea than this.
Well let me make this a bit simpler
If I finish the RMT for our team, lets say leboss finds a way to make the team better
he can click the edit button with as much authority over this question as I have as the original poster
What do you mean "much better idea." I would love to hear it.
I'm keeping it for myself and Hex when we make our RMT, sorry. Feel free to come on Chat and ask me to tell you in private, if you really want to know.

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I doubt I will do this, sorry. Just a bit too much work for such a small payoff.

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