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I answered this question: http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/124946/easy-breed-torchic-egg-with-the-move-thunderpunch-black-white and clicked on the answer button. I went back to Pokebase, and yes, it had saved my answer and it was right there. I explored the site a little bit, logged out and closed the tab, and went on Showdown. I checked my answer a little while later to see if someone had commented. My answer was still there, no comments. I logged out and surfed the internet a bit. Then I went on Pokebase to answer another question, and saw that the question I had answered was on the unanswered list. The only logical explanation is that someone hid my answer, right? So I logged in to see if that was the case. Nope. It hadn't been hidden, it was just..gone. Wasn't there at all. What happened?

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It sounds like a Bug. Nothing More.

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OK I found the problem! The question got asked twice and the one you answered got hidden. Here is your answer from there if you want to post it on the new question:

The thing is, Torchic can't actually get Thunderpunch as an egg move. You must instead evolve it into Blazikin, and have a move tutor teach it. But since you seem confused about breeding, I'll explain what would happen IF Torchic had Thunderpunch as an egg move.
Torchic cannot actually learn Thunderpunch via breeding. This is just what would happen if it could, to assist you in future breeding projects.

Here's what would happen: First, the egg would automatically know Scratch and Growl, those being the LV 1 moves. Next, any LV up moves known by the father AND the mother would be added to the egg's move list. Since Blazikin and Ampharos don't learn any of the same LV up moves, the egg still has only two moves. Now, your Ampharos has Thunderpunch, learnt via move tutor. The Torchic would end up knowing Thunderpunch, Scratch, and Growl. Now, if the Ampharos father also knows any egg moves of its own, those would be passed down(if there were two egg moves instead of one, either Scratch or Growl would be overwritten, to make room).

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Aha! Thanks Pokemaster!
pokemaster is really2 the master of all