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I just asked. it would be nice though. Just having it would be cool. So then you can find TM 85 with out even asking a questions!

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(I picked TM 85 randomly. Not like I need it or any thing.)       (:

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Because I haven't done it yet ;)

This is another of those things that's been asked for many times and I always intended to add it. Just haven't got round to it yet!

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Is there a blog/page/status update anywhere (here or anywhere else on the internet) where you (@ Pokemaster) post what it is you'll be working on next on this site?
Steel it from Serebi. ;)
im gonna pop some tags only got twenty dollaz in mah pokket
♪ I wear your grandad's clothes
I look in-cred-i-ble ♫

Anyway, thanks for the answer.