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There are some people on the chat offering trades of hacked pokèmon and even admitting to them being hacked. I was wondering if a rule could be set forth to prevent this and help protect new players as hacked pokemon could screw up their game.

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LOL! I am a hacker. But i don't need banning. Well not last time i checked.
If you let them know there hacked and they still want them what's the point? Hack at your own risk and trade at your own risk

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If you don't want a hacked pokemon, don't accept the trade. There is really nothing technically wrong with hacked pokemon, accept them at your own risk. In other words, no, that rule would be unneccassary and TBH I see no reason something like that would be set in motion.

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Although his point about new users not understanding what hacked pokemon can do to your game is valid. Your answer is good btw.
I am a hacker and i tell people if my Pokemon are hacked. Although they are perfectly Legit and i don't force people to trade with me.

Now trade with me! I need to ditch these hacked Pokemon.
This is a good answer, however, I just thought this site would be more for the classic point of raising and trading pokémon like it should be done, without cheating.
Most of the people here play competetively and on the computer, so we can have a team ready to go in 2 or 3 minutes. People aren't supposed to avoid the censor but they do anyway, and TBH I see no reason why people wouldn't ignore this rule either. I see your point, but some users even ask for hacked pokemon. Scizornician has given me at least a dozen hacked pokemon, and I don't like to bug him too much or I would ask him a lot more.
Lol Ben. I don't mind.
We're not going to force people to play Pokemon a certain way. Hacked trades are fine.
enough with the TBH please. aaanoooying.
Trade with Hacked pokemon is seriously dangerous.do you know what? if you trade pokemon to a hacked pokemon,your Pokemon will be cause some harmful errors such as:Bugs or Virus (Perhaps i can call them "The Annoying Bacterial")