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I went over to the PokemonDB showdown server but was both overwhelmed and really confused. Can someone please explain pokekon showdown? I have never used it before.

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what do you want to know about it? if your confused go to smogon and read the Faq's on it.

If there is something you want to know about the DB server in particular please specify what exactly
Im just curious about how to use showdown in general. How to create teams and use the website. I will check out the smogon site, but it often helps if I can get a brief overview directly from someone. Thanks if you can help.

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For a brief overview then...

To create teams then you need to go to the team builder. Then select the tier you want i.e OU. Select the pokemon you want (make sure you know the rules for each tier) then the item, moveset ect: Repeat this for all six of your pokemon.

To challenge or pm simply click on a users name. Then choose the option you want, if you choose challenge simply select the tier you want to battle in then pick your team.


Drivers (%) can:

Use informational commands such as !rules, !data, and !avatars.
Mute users.
Talk in moderated chat.
Make announcements in a contrasting font.
Moderators (@) can:

Do all of the above.
Ban and kick users.
Check users' alts through an IP lookup.
Set moderated chat up to +.
Check logs of past moderator actions.
Leaders (&) can:

Do all of the above.
Force ties and wins in battles.
Promote users up to @.
Set moderated chat to any level.
Make unsigned declarations.
Administrators (~) can:

Do all of the above.
Access the debug console, allowing them to fix bugs, implement new features, and alter the server from Pokemon Showdown!.
Promote users up to ~

there is also +, for good users. You have to work hard for any of these, and cannot just ask for any of these.

Chat: on the DB server the chat rules re the same as our chat rules. But they differ depending on the server.

Hope I helped!

PX ;}

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Thank you professor xerilia. I will see what I can do.
sure here to help