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I know you're going to be thinking, "why not just go to smogon?"
But I don't ever use smogon. I've only been on it twice, and I thought that this would be helpful for people who don't even know what smogon is. It would be convenient and it would stop questions like, " What tier is ____ in?"
We would use smogon tiers because you use a showdown server.
It's just a thought, but I'd be quite happy if you did it.

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an example is that on the excadrill page it would say:
Tier: Ubers
....or something like that
This wouldn't work. Smogon isn't the only one out there, and some people even have their own tiers. There would be too much conflicting info, and besides, it would need to be changed EVERY time there was a teir change.
We'd go with smogon tiers, because we have a showdown server. Sorry, forgot to specify
Well, the other alternative is that you take the 2 minutes to learn how to use Smogon's tiers and strategy dex, thus saving Pokemaster hours of work.
Yeah. I don't like it either. Mostly because the Pokedex is supposed to be made of official information, while tiers are fan-made. Everything Poke'slash said I agree with as well.
That's a good point
"What tier is" is never asked...

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This has been answered before. The Pokedex pages and the rest of the main site is for factual content. Whereas tiers are someone's opinion. Adding them wouldn't be a big deal but Smogon's tiers change regularly so keeping up to date is a pain.

You can just go to Smogon in one tab and look at the tiers, e.g. http://www.smogon.com/bw/tiers/ou then checkout each Pokemon on our Pokedex in another tab.

Or check this page: http://www.smogon.com/bw/pokemon/ which lists every Pokemon with their tier. Nothing difficult about that whatsoever :)

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ok, that makes a lot of sense.