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Hello Pokemaster, I have a suggestion: adding a Thread where New Users can introduce themselves.

This will immediately encourage new users to engage in the DB, and make them feel all warm and fuzzy and all that good stuff. This way we can see who is a new battler or a person coming from another forum.

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I love this idea, but I have been waiting until we get a forum to suggest it.
So this would be in a questionaire format? Or more like a survey format?
Lolnice job copying Smogon.
says the guy who uses their teams ;D
jkjk JCM :D
Lolololol MK :P
JCM, Smogon and the DB aren't the only communities out there. Such a thread is very standard for forums and communities. Also MrK has a nice point der too :P

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Like Fizzcube said, wait until the forum is done.

I also hid your other question. Meta is for suggestions for this site, not just for stuff that doesn't fit anywhere else on the site. Sorry.

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Okay possibly add an area that where we can do things like that? Or can I post it elsewhere?
When the forum is done we can put it there.