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Um, I was just playing my Pokemon SoulSilver version and I found the Safari Zone. After walking around for a few minutes I got bored and headed for the exit and a Pokemon appeared, it was Mr Mime. I came to this site to see how rare it is to find one(since I found one so fast) and saw that your Pokedex does not have information on Mr. Mime being in the Johto Safari Zone. So, I don't know how rare it is or what seasons or hour on finding it or what the level range on them is but you CAN find them in the Safari Zone.


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That is because we don't have location data on the Safari Zone.
Just checked out locations page here and the Johto Safari Zone is not listed.

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ok, it has Houenn Safari though lol
You said you were playing SoulSilver and you mentioned 'Johto Safari Zone' as well...