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Please say yes.

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I am pretty sure someone asked this before ya know. Did you,the almighty Mod, forget to search it before asking? xD

I don't understand COPPA all that well since it isn't an issue in the UK but I guess I shouldn't be worried since i don't break it.
COPPA is a law that applies to forums like ours. People under 13 will be banned until they do turn 13, or else the owner of the site will go to prison. Plus, I've been keeping a list of people who admitted they weren't 13. It'll get rid of those pests.
Ok I think I understand. and you are trying to get rid of lol when you were once banned from smogon because of it ;? Thanks JCM
JCM, I'm not 13 either...
xP I love you MewMew. And yeah, np Prof.

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Not yet, no. However all I will probably do is add a check box for people signing up to say they are over 13. That seems like the easiest way to comply for the most part.

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PM email me back please....
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No COPPA is not currently being enforced. Though Pokemaster said he's going to enforce it sometime later. As we know him who knows when that will be.

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