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When a question is asked, users read it and try to answer it, right ?In some questions the answers stay without a response from the author of the question.Not even an upvote or a comment saying if the answer is helpful or not.

For example this question It has been asked and answered Four day ago.The answer hasn't got any comment or upvote,it is an answer without a response from the author if the question.

I think that a new rule should be added.

That an answer must have at least 1 or 2 comments or upvotes.It musn't stay without a response.

This is just an idea,I don't want to accuse anyone.

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i fully agree.
getting no comment or upvote is like getting a present and not saying please or thank you.
but, like teod, i'm just saying...
God..people get so panicy over points.
I don't leik the titlez :D

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Thanks for the suggestion. However I don't think this will be practical. There are plenty of times when an answer is perfectly correct but doesn't get any votes or comments. We shouldn't be removing those! The solution is for more people to upvote good posts when they see them :)

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Thanks PM :D
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From some experience, usually when a question is old and there's no BA, a Mod chooses a BA in place of the OP: it happened to me here.

That was chosen about a week after the Q was asked by Mewderator, so there kinda is a system in place for this, I think?

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oh...ok then