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Ive havent gained any points on the q&a. Why?
Whenever i answer it takes forever to load and by then soneone has already answered.

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I am no Pokemaster, but I can tell you some things about why.

The reason it you have no points on Pokebase is because people have to upvote you. That means if think your answer is good they will upvote, giving you 10 points per vote. And 20 points if you answer was elected as best. So you don't gain points just by answering, but by giving good quality answers (and questions).

The reason why it takes a long time to "load" answers is because they need approving. That means an Editor or Mod needs to look at your answer to see if it's OK to use, but sometimes they don't get round to doing it straight away so you might have to wait a while at times. Once you gain some points you can answer straight away without the need for approval.


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