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So a few days ago I read that if you select an answer to your own question as BA, you won't get the points. I tested this but got the points (on pokebase). Why is this?

I think you just misread your point count. You will not receive 20 points, and if you really did it was almost certainly a glitch unless PM updated something.
If you received 2 points though, that's normal. You'll get 2 points for selecting answer, doesn't change if it's your own I believe.

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What most likely happened was that you either misread your point count, got upvoted in the process, or just got 2 points.

  • Misread point count - Everyone makes mistakes, and maybe now was no exception. This is a likely reason for your problem.
  • Got upvoted - It's likely that one of your answers was selected/upvoted twice while you were making that question. It would give you the 20 points, and maybe you mistook it for points you got by selecting your own answer.
  • Got 2 points - Two points are just standard points for selecting an answer. If a question has been unanswered for a while, and you managed to find an answer before anyone else, you deserve two points. If you use this as a cheap, obvious way to get points, your question(s) will be hidden and you may get banned.

Since I wanted to make sure, I tested your situation out myself and only got two points.

Hope I helped!

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I tested this and got two points and wondered and hid the question after. Thanks a lot!