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Hello guys !

I answered this question but the asker mew2master answered himseld his question by saying You could be super awesome and he then selected his answer. Is this allowed ?

Thank you.

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Blob. Wrong.

If you ask a question that hasn't been asked before and it goes some time unanswered, you can answer it if you find out yourself. Yes, you may select it. Although you get no points. Do not hide it, it lets people who search for it on Google find it easily. (Giving more traffic to the site.)

In this scenario, it is pretty obvious he was rulebreaking.

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I'm confused. I wasn't exactly wrong, just one small bit of information missed which I'm pretty sure has never happened so you hid my answer instead of commenting or editing?
Actually it has.
Just to add, in this case mew2master's answer of "You could be super awesome" wasn't an answer, it was just pointless crap, so was hidden.
You actually get the 2 points from selecting best answer :P
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Literally as long as the answer is correct. The Best Answer is the Best Answer that can answer the question.
There's nothing wrong about it and no need to be so 'point conscious' about everything. This site is about finding out the right answer, if you find it out yourself, don't keep it to yourself. Answer your own question to let everyone know what it is or what is correct.

However this does NOT mean for everyone to start asking questions they already know answers to just because.

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No, answering your own question, unless a moveset question is generally not allowed. Giving best answer to yourself gets no points anyway. The fact they answered in the first place with no need is against the rules.

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So he broke the rules ?
thats what bwab just said :l