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So, I am logged in (obviously) and I saw a response (not my own) that I though was good and I was going to vote it up, but... there is no little arrow to click to vote it up. Have my rights been retracted or is there a glitch or am I just really missing something? (sorry if it's the last on of that list, but I really am puzzled)

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Hey Fritjof, can we battle? I'm on the Pokemon Hispano server. And that is strange, I'll ask around and see if it is that way for all non-editors.

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Well you should be able to vote it up. And if it's your own post you would still see grey arrows.

First try reloading the page in case the images didn't load for some reason. If it's still not working, please can you take a screenshot/photo and post it here? (You can use imgur.com for easy hosting if you don't have anywhere else to upload it.)

EDIT: OK I see the problem, in Internet Explorer. I put in a quick fix on the main site but I will sort it properly later. Thanks for letting me know about the issue :)

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Yesterday you did something to fix it, but today I can only vote on Meta, not on regular pokebase questions.
Same here.
This is happening to me now, just letting you know.