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If you go to the unanswered question link: http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/unanswered

You'll see this:


The list goes on. Basically there's about 2 page worth of questions that are like this. I'm assuming they were all answered by one user and said user was deleted/ banned or something?

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I can only assume from what I have seen in the past is that when a user with Best answer hides their answer it becomes a question with a best answer but no answers to show for. I can only assume that it was the same person who happened to hide all these.
I wonder...
1. Am I allowed to answer those?
2. Why would someone hide it if they got BA..?
It looks like some of the Qs have been updated to have a red zero rather than a green one.
@PS: I did anyway :P I would just go ahead
Raised by Wolves hid tons of Q and A. All there is to it.

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For some reason, Raised by Wolves hid all his/her posts >:(
If anyone has any idea to the reason let me know.

Mods, if you fancy lending a hand, check here: http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/ip/
And reshow anything from the past 6 hours (6 as of now, anyway).

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I don't think Raised By Wolves did it. He is banned for some reason and it might be that the person who banned him also hid all posts, which is an option mods can do after banning a user.
"edited 6 hours ago by Raised By Wolves"
Cyndaquil Guy's post was edited though? And I saw RBW on Chat not too long after I found these BA's hidden.
Hm... Ayan might have asked to be banned. And then he (or possibly the mod that banned him?) could have hid his posts for that reason. This might be his way of leaving the site, as one of the earlier versions of his profile said that he had lost interest in Pokemon. Just a theory there, as Ayan hasn't done anything wrong except for his dupe. Which was ages ago. A Mod isn't just going to ban people randomly.

But yeah, I'll ask him if he comes into chat. But if he won't talk about it, I won't make him.
I'll unhide.
Well even if a user does leave the site, they shouldn't hide their posts. They still have good answers and questions that can be of help to others.

Also, thanks Mew!
Done unhiding.
I believe that RBW did that because he /she was below COPPA age, and felt guilty.
Thanks Mew! I did like 100 of them and got so tired/frustrated of doing it :/
Maybe the COPPA reason is right, but I always said it wasn't being enforced yet.

I banned RBW by the way, just to prevent any more hiding (either by him or on the chance that someone else had hacked his account). I guess I should add some protection against mass-hiding of posts :)