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Instead of Gravatar, would it be easier for users if I allow everyone to upload images here instead?

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I personally think that would be awesome, I had to remake my avatar ( Took me 20 minutes )
To fit the Crop REQUIREMENT for Gravitar.
Just uploading would be quite simple.
Well, I managed to upload mine, so I don't care. Make things difficult for others...
Nevermind i just found mine .
I would love to upload our own avatar. I would either be a nyan cat or a Jigglypuff :D

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I'm guessing we just answer, so Yes! YEs! and Yes!

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maybe both so people who have gravatar can still use them

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I personally had no issues with this, as I've used Gravatar before, but for the average user, it's probably a little confusing. For the sake of simplicity, I'd probably have it so that avatars could be uploaded.

You'd put an extension limit though, right? No .bmp's or .gif's, please. Bitmaps are probably obvious, but the last thing we need are a bunch of animated dogs jumping through hoops as avatars. :P

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YES , Finally , it would be way easier .

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Well, for me i dont want to do that because i dont have crap to upload.

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