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You can and ill show you with your G-Tar:

This is how it looks in its Gravatar state:

But you can make is Bigger:

Or Smaller:

This is normal Size:

This is what would do =0:

All you have to do is at the end of the Image Link type this(=) then pick a number. Any number above 100 will make it bigger. Any number under 100 will make is smaller. If you dont put the = sign then it will stay the original size.If you set it equal to Zero it would stay the same.

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What if you do =0
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Kyron's answer only works for Gravatar images, so I'm going to post an HTML method that will work for everything. (The reason the Gravatars work there is because the server that processes the request is reading the =[number] syntax in the URL and is sending a different-sized image. But very few servers will actually do that for you -- our own doesn't -- so it's better to learn a solution that works on the client side.)

If you want to manipulate width and height of images, use the <img> HTML tag to insert your pictures. This tag is different from other HTML tags in that it closes itself, so its syntax is like <img ... /> and not the usual style where there is an opening tag and a closing tag. Where the three dots are is where you define the URL of the image and anything else you want to manipulate. You define the address using src, and size using width. There are others one too, notably height and style but those are disabled here.

The height and width attributes are defined in terms of pixels, but the browser reads it that way by default so you don't need to specify this like you normally would. They also lock proportions by default, so images won't be distorted i.e. height will change relative to width.

So for example, I'm going to post a picture of Salamence, first in an increased size, then in normal size and then in some smaller sizes. The code I'm posting is here, so you can see how to write this:

<img src="" width="500"/>
<img src=""/>
<img src="" width="200"/>
<img src="" width="100"/>
<img src="" width="50"/>
<img src="" width="20"/>

If you post code like that, your images will have a different size, as shown below. You'll be stopped from setting it anything above 999 on this site, so you won't be able to do anything silly with this -- I know there'll be some of you trying to set the image to 500,000 pixels. ;P


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Fizz's answer works, but it's not the best solution because a large image will take a long time to download, even if you display it at a small size. The best way is to use an image that is the correct dimensions in the first place.

Some online images you can control that already as Kameko's answer shows. Other sites may have separate images you can use. For example on PokemonDb we have the standard art shown in the Pokedex, or a bigger one if you click it. So if you right click the small image and then "copy image address" you'll get the best size that's not too large. Same goes for other sites like Bulbapedia or DeviantArt.

If you can't find a smaller version then you could resize it yourself in a graphics program and upload the smaller version to imgur.

you can resize in imgur editing its just not the best