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i was wondering if she could
A. upvote on anything BESIDES my stuff.
B. comment on things.
C. cuss at people who call her dupe. (JK)
D. and you don't have to answer this but she loves making a fool out of me. so could she ask questions? i don't want to give her my password!

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  • She can upvote, just not your stuff.
  • She can comment.
  • You have the right to defend yourself.
  • She can ask, you can't answer it.
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Mr.K. Trolls are awesome people, you know! :P
(Ben)Only trolls like The Pope and Steve Jobs

(Mr.K) Only good trolls like MewMew and Ben

(The Pope) Only trolls like Mr.K

(Steve Jobs) Yeah I agree with The Pope

(Ben) Which Pope are you anyway?

(The Pope) I am THE Pope

(Mr.K) You wish you were the pope. And I can't troll cause I cant edit other comments :3 Btw Steve no one cares bout your opinions so gowai
^ da hell? What smoke were you cracking? also, I am an anti-troll, I troll trolls, that seems to be a popular job round here xD
Lol Ben and I were having a comment edit war