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I know some people who just want to get rid of their account. Make it disappear.
Could we please? Also, maybe Pokemaster needs to delete some of the 10000 inactive accounts.

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this isnt a bad idea...
Why you of all people? Didn't I already tell you to stop making threads of this sort, asking favors?
JCM! stop. i really do not care what you have to say! this place I am free to ask SENSIBLE questions.
and I didn't come here to get picked on about what I ask.
Yes, so ''sensible'' it makes us want to cry.

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Pokemaster doesn't delete accounts unless they are truly unnecessary, for example, Trolling accounts.
If he were to delete accounts, information would be lost, and it would just remain a big empty, wasteland, and honestly, it would bring up a lot of confusion.

While this would (most likely) never happen, we could, for instance, have a section of users that have been inactive for _____ months. This would be more useful and would defiantly help sift through inactive users, but I do believe that the current system is fully functional enough as it is right now.

Not to mention, I was myself a time inactive, and (believe it or not), asked for my account to be deleted. But, if Pokemaster followed my wishes, I would not be here today.
And I love being here, so just because someone is gone for a while doesn't mean they won't come back.

Anyways, I think that covers it all. You can comment with any other confusions, but I'm afraid this just won't happen.


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Pure poetry
Rio. What about the accounts that are inactive AND havnt answered or asked anything?
This is exactly right. Just to add, what you can do is change your username to something generic (e.g. user1234) and blank your profile to remove any personal information.

Also MrK posted another question saying someone wanted to delete their account. I am *definitely* not going to delete random accounts just because another member said so, unless you can prove they want it deleted.
Rio, haven't seen you in so long <3