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Now, This could have been suggested before but I searched for 2 hours and haven't seen it.

Yet its not that original of an idea so im sure someone's requested this.

A trading forum for ingame pokemon.

We can add specifics like "Dream World Ability Espeon" or "Vanniluxe With Water Pulse" or Event legendaries we missed like "Event Keldeo?"

Of course with the pokegts and sites like that we would have to make sure people know they can get cheated but, you can view the pokemon's summary before trading, and we can "ban" people that ever do this. Not from the site just the forum.

Maybe we could even go as far as saying "I have a Dream World Poliwag anyone want to trade it for a dream world vulpix?"

I hope this idea is considered I myself would love this.

NOTE All Statements are Hypotheticals
NOTE By 'we' I usually mean moderators and PM.

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An interesting, yet cool idea. +1
This has been asked but if you couldn't find it fair enough. Pokemaster has said many times that he is probably going to make something like this, until then ask for trades on chat or on your profile.

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As I've said many times before I will be making a forum on here, which will cover all that kind of stuff.

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