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Sorry PM, too good to pass up.

![enter image description here][1]

>Ooh, what could this be?
[1]: http://i.imgur.com/7AR3J2d.png

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"Ooh, what could this be?"

Answer: A Scizor
:D +1 for your thoughtfulness in the fact that not everyone has twitter.
ive seen that. I hope Pm istalls it soon, it looks awesome.
looks like syther evolved.
wot da hell.
Pokemaster, i love you :D
could somebody please tell me what that is?!
It is a new banner for the Database.
It's just part of the update. The whole site is gonna change it's appearance soon.

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Anyone who visits chat regularly has seen this and much more!

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Chat here on DB?? or on Twitter?
Because I dont have Twitter, and I have never seen this here on chat.
i don't want to go #disbthenedofharlmshk @pokemondatabase?
On Pokebase chat. I've seen it there, about 1/4 of the people on this site (active) has a link to the full pic on their comp.
I am on chat all the time and I have never seen this >.> <.< I'm like the only regular chat goer to have never seen this -.-;
I've seen it a couple times anmd I had the full picture somewhere but I lost it ;~;
Well I've never seen it can someone gimme the link
Can't beleve it... I'm a regular chatter, but I never have seen this... >.<