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When I sit on chat and post anything then a blank page comes with this written

QA_AJAX_RESPONSE 7187 {"userid":"7187","username":"abhe","posted":"2013-05-05 06:17:52","posted_utc":"2013-05-05T06:17:52Z","message":"Pls answer this <A HREF=\"http:\/\/pokemondb.net\/pokebase\/136385\/where-can-i-download-pokemon-black-and-white-episodes\" rel=\"nofollow\">http:\/\/pokemondb.net\/pokebase\/136385\/where-can-i-download-pokemon-black-and-white-episodes<\/A>","postid":"1017667"}

What is this why does this come can anyone fix this or suggestions for it's cause Pls help me!

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Whoa. Some strange things :3
Whoa! I never seen this! Hmm... Wtf. Computer binary coding is going out of whack.
not very blank if you ask me
What browser are you using?

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This is a browser thing. Whenever you tell the console to send your log to the chat, it is giving you raw code.

Try turning your browser's settings to default. If that doesn't work, try using a new browser.

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It means you have Javascript turned off. Check your browser settings.

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