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I have a couple of maps and puzzles that are confusing to get through. Here they are:

Dewford Gym (Ruby Sapphire Emerald)
Birth Island (Ruby Sapphire Emerald(The Triangle thing))
All Victory Roads
Viridian Gym (Heart Gold Soul Silver)
The Disortion World (Platinum)

(Tell me if I missed a few) Anyway, these ones are hard to complete and lots of time will be saved by adding more of these to the page.

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This has been asked many times. Pokemaster will get round to it. In the meanwhile he set a Challege and said:
"Here is a crazy idea, why don't people help make the maps"
You could have ago yourself.

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Here was my attempt at Driftveil gym.
even after that edit, you still spelt challenge wrong >.>