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Behold the new gym leaders

Gym One: OU Monotype

enter image description here Flare

Gym Two: UU

enter image description here Flapert

Gym Three: OU

enter image description here Leader Cakey

Gym Four: Ubers

enter image description here Fizz

Gym Five: OU

enter image description here Lenub

Gym Six: VGC 2013

enter image description here DemonOfDoubles

Gym Seven: NU

enter image description here VastWhiteWarrior

Gym Eight: UU

enter image description here The Pyromancer

Sorry to all that didn't make it in. It was tough picking when most people went for OU and Ubers :(

Any questions, then go ahead

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GL's and E4's deserve authority in the DB League room so we can easily recognize who has the spot (not any of that GL Once crap). Plus I need another room with Voice. ;~;
Yeah, I misinterpreted. All the GLs will have a special rank, * I'm thinking equal to %.

Also, I've seen the PPad, I think that we shouldn't jump the gun and wait until the deadline to give everyone a chance.
I would like to lend my opinion to VWW's. Hax is a part of the game, but that doesn't mean you have to take it lying down. It's something you have to take into account not just when battling but also when teambuilding. I'm going to c&p a post a made earlier about the issue, since it conveys my thoughts on the subject well enough.

"All people easily have the capability to negate hax. Crits can be dealt with through resistances, healing, and good switches. It can also be negated entirely through the use of Battle Armor and such. People willfully choose to ignore these abilities because they feel it reduces their own chances of winning. Yet this is an option that is available to them to use, and if you feel you are losing due to crits, those abilities would have in fact increased your chances of winning. Freeze is easily dealt with through the use of Ice types, Water types (which almost always come with Scald), and Flare Blitzing Fire types. It can also be dealt with through the use of Lum Berries and Heal Bell/Aromatherapy. Or even a Natural Cure Pokemon. Blissey and Chansey can switch into attacks that freeze with ease. If your team is unable to handle being frozen, that's as much a problem with your teambuilding as would be having your team being unable to handle Scizor. There are numerous counters to hax, if your team chooses not to make use of them, it's your own fault. If your team is able to handle hax, but it happens anyways because you failed to make the correct switch-in, again your own fault. The game is more about strong teambuilding and good prediction."
Trach nailed it. If don't want to make a nonstandard team, deal with luck. Hax is not a correct term, it is chance.

2 mods and an incredible battler, any opposers?
Just use HP Fight instead of Focus Blast and Rock Slide instead of Stone Edge and you're happy :3
Or just plain not using a Pokemon that needs Stone Edge or Focus Blast. That's always an option.
I think you guys have good points, if anyone disagrees, stop using Jirachi :3
Here's an interesting tidbit. In a 35 turn battle (which I'm estimating to be my average battle length) if you used a move with a 10% chance to freeze every one of those turns, there is about an 87.76% chance that there will be at least one freeze in the battle.

In a 35 turn battle, if you used attacking moves every turn, there is about a 65.18% chance that there will be at least one crit in the battle.

The crit statistic is the more important one there, as you are unlikely to be using Ice Beam every turn. The longer the battle goes on, the greater the probability of a crit (yes, this is worded poorly, I know that the actual probability of a crit doesn't increase, what I mean is longer battles will usually see a crit ). It gets to the point where a crit is statistically more probable than not getting a crit.

The point of all that was that while those low probabilities might make it seem like everything is unfair, that you were haxed, that there is statistically no way you should've been critted, statistics actually show such a line of thinking to be false in the long term.
For popular Tiers such as the 4 Appliants for Ubers, the DT Method can be used to determine who the Best option is. That means the 3 UU guys, 3 OU's, and Artist KS and myself should Battle in a Best 2/3 Match to determine who's the best. Choosing people over others may not only cause conflict as to why they weren't chosen, but also, may not have been the best choice. It also gives people such as Artist a chance to show us the full extent of what they fan do, and will coverall be fair to the 16 people who have Applied here. Besides, choosing between Fizz, K, Valet, and KOD will be too tough of a decision.

Everyone deserves a fair chance.
Also, why are B3N, Hex, Mew, and yourself immune to Application? You guys should have to Apply to. Although I fully acknowledge your above-averagr Battlinf Skills, shouldn't you guys have to Apply for E4 too? There are others among myself that want to Apply for the Higher position as well. So you guys should also have to Apply, and Based off what Tier you guys choose, also have to Participate in the DT Method Matches, and based on how you do there, then become E4.

The message I'm trying to send here is that everyone deserves a chance. Also, although B3N is a talented OU Player, you an UU and Hex an Ubers, there are other Users out there that may surprise you in their growth. For example, both LB and B3N are great at OU; they consider each other greater than or equal to each other. Every time I ask one whose better, it's always "He's better lol" or "About the same". So if anyone, both LB and B3N deserve equal claims to the throne.
Time is an important factor here however. Holding battles in a tournament style fashion brought down the League under DT's rule imo. It took quite some time for all of these battles to take place, and the hype for the resurgence of the League died down so much that we had only a few League battles while DT was at the helm. We need to capitalize on what hype there is for the League, as even though that might harm it in the long term, it is better that then having no long term at all as not enough people battled at the start to get the League going. As such, I'd agree with going with known battlers for these positions. While they might (idk if they are or not) not be the best, they still good enough to have a strong League.

We could of course always kick people out of the League later and replace them with people who made their way through the League. Who cares if hurt feelings, people should understand that such a thing would be for the good of the whole.
I might apply for NU..
I won't apply no more. I prolly won't be able to get my proof in time, and well, I've had a lot of personal issues, and my mood effects how I battle, so I keep losing. I'm not fit for gl in my current state...
There should only be one of each meta. Having 3 OU is bad, people can be good at that and mediocre elsewhere. We should have all different metas, because the best battler has to be the best everywhere.
Ubers, UU, RU, NU, LC, Doubles, Monotype, is 7. We could have a different one or 2 of a tier isn't that bad, but that's just me.
I've been stressing the importance of Tier Diversity in the League, and whne I brought it up in the Server we all agreed that with OU, UU, Ubers, NU, RU, Monotype, Doubles, and an additional OU (2 at most) is acceptable. The question is is 'who will do them?'  And that should be Answered tomorrow when Blob shares his picks.
I will destroy you vastWhiteWarrior >:(  (probably not)
I just saw this. I'd like to congratulate our new leaders! Gj guys :3
Dammit Enoch. Jk, jk. Everyone, congrats. I look forward to kicking your butts. :D <3
GG, Dragon is there and nobody can beat him....
If yo umean AD then I'll be able to beat him in  few weeks time XD
Dude, the Group System- what happened to that? This is just like the old League's, doomed to fail because there will always be inconveniences.

Also thanks.
The groups just made the league beyond easy. People were beating the league in a matter of days. This is how the league system works on other servers (I think) and they seem to run smoothly.
Didn't anyone do RU? D:
Also we should post E4 on here as well.
Can we still apply
The Group System didn't "[make] the League beyond easy". What it did make is make it more convenient and time effective, as it remedied the lack of GL unavailability and Time Zone conflicts, un-intimidating Challengers by granting them the freedom to Battle in the Tiers they were comfortable in, and overall made it successful as people actually were able to beat it due to the previously mentioned factors. So to say it was easy due to the System is incorrect as the Challenge comes from us as the Gym Leaders, not the Order we were in; that has nothing to do with what happens in a Battle. Also, Flame has brought up a good point: Ubers, UU, TWO OU's, and even NU was accepted into the League, but not RU. The Group System yet again reemerges as the superior system, allowing 10 of the 16 who applied to be accepted (making more people happier), and allowing all Tiers to be included. Jofly isn't bad at RU, he's just out of practice. Valet isn't bad at Ubers, he just isn't a Ladderer. These people, who I believe deserved at least Group 1 because they have potential, deserve a spot on the League. That can also apply to everyone who applied; they may all surpass even myself one day (I am just average).

That being said, I ask that the Group System be reused, to not only make it easier on the Challengers but encourage them to remain ones, but also to set us apart from "other Servers". We aren't "other Servers". We're the Pokemon Database, and I believe that we deserve to be set apart from the rest as the Server with one of the smoothest Leagues.
Why I am I the only one with a Pokemon as my avatar. ;~;
If I can't have Claire, can I at least have the first gen Snorlax? But I still want Claire more. >.>
EDIT: Thanks Sciz. :D
Through the several experiences I've had with the Pokemon DB League and the many debates that followed them, I have finally concluded the big puzzle of the League: as a relatively small Pokemon Site with an even smaller community of Competitive Battlers, Pokemondb.net shouldn't have a League; it cannot. That being said, I am resigning.

 This Site was created to Inform, to be Top-Quality Pokemon Resource, which is what the excellent work of PM, Scizor, and the PokeBase Community all have successfully done. This small group of people have made an excellent Site that is worth 10 times as much as SSJ3 Goku in comparison to Other Sites (and that's a fact, not an opinion- just look at the poor quality if Mariland, Serebii, and other Pokemon "resources" lol). So why are we playing this silly game of Dress-Up, playing like a Child in the hood of DC that's dressing up as a Politician? He will, we will, never be a Politician. He is, we are, just not prepared by his natural attraction to Space and Astronauts, or in our case to the love of helping others Answer Questions; talking about Pokemon and occasionally Battling with other members of our small Community. He just isn't a Politician. We just aren't a Competitive Site. Can he work hard enough to become one? Sure he can! Sure we can! But not now. He needs to have hard work to become President, just as we need to have a growth in our Competitive Community to sustain a League. And when that day comes, maybe I'll gladly return, if Artist KS and Jofly haven't become masters by then :)

So in conclusion, the League should, as I am Quoting Ninja and many others, "be hidden". But the difference between me and they is that I won't be coming back, because that's not what this Site is for. Its to help little kids beat their Pokemon Games, help our peers relieve curiosity about the Anime. Its just not Pokemondb.net. Maybe if we work hard enough, like the kid who wanted to he President, we can get there. But time and the growth of our Community will tell. Maybe it won't ever have enough people to sustain a League. But maybe the Forum, when it comes, will. We won't know until that day comes. And maybe then I'll return, if you guys aren't all better than me. But in thr meantime, I'll be training hard, so that maybe I can beat Mew at OU :)

But not now. I resign, let some other fool play the loser at this Game. I don't wanna have yet another ticking time bomb on my lap; and when this one explodes, don't say I didn't tell you so.
The group system had more than eight people. As such, people could battle the weakest links of those groups. However, if we go at having the challenger able to battle in any order they want among the eight we have, still having to beat all eight, it will keep the current difficulty of the league (duh, same Gym Leaders) while allowing convenience for the challengers. Oh Pyromancer, who I never see on (this is a hypothetical situation) is on on chat and able to battle! Oh wait, he's the eighth Gym Leader and after this moment, I will never again see him, thus meaning I can never complete the League. It also allows for users to create their own difficulty curves. We saw with the Group system that people would usually go from easiest to more difficult. I would assume a similar situation would take place here.
Welp, with Enoch gone, I'm sure this is all on our minds, who gets the slot?
Uh, maybe someone who wants the NU spot. I hope Lenub will take up RU instead of OU.
Wait, Enoch is out? Then shouldn't Blob decide who gets the spot?
I would like to take the NU spot and thanks Enoch :)
Nuuuuu, Blobby decides who gets it.
Uhm, why am I listed as Once, still?
what are you talking about
I can take RU, seeing that there are already 2 OU leaders and 1 OU E4, yet no RU whatsoever. However, that being said, i'm still learning RU, so yeah... >.>
Kyron you nub, I'm supposed to be Hotcakes until I change my name in December. >:1
IDK what I am going to do tbh. I really want variety in the league but I am not putting people in tiers they are not completely solid with. Hence why I wont be putting Lenub in RU anytime soon. Enoch is a very good NU player and it sucks he has gone however I don't feel Artist is quite there yet as a battler (still good :P). What I might end up doing (if Fiz is totally fine with it) is moving Fi to RU then adding in another ubers leader being MK or Valet. IDk.

If Artist can prove he is better than I think then I would happily accept him in. @Artist, could you provide some really good replays please? :)
Because Bwab is a nub, I decides to put the update here because I can. >:1
Bwab says he'll have the rules up by Tuesday!
sure Blob, I will provide with you with some really good replays ;)
VGC 2013 instead of Smogon Doubles
Hey if there's an open slot for smogon doubles...
I know I failed at the application, but I am back into battling full time now, so as I once explained, if there is any tier needed to be filled and a suitable replacement cannot be found, I will be able to fill it with modest levels of skill. Given some training I can also prove this to anyone if need be.
If you can do NU that'll be nice.
Maybe the first gym should be the lowest tier, and then it rises
I think a lot more people find ou easier than nu or lc, but it sounds like a cool concept
We really need rules, Blob, like ASAP. Its way too confusing and no one knows for sure if you have to challenge gyms in order.
i think nu or ru would be best. there needs to be some varity

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Behold the E4 and Champion

E4 member |SentByRavens|: OU

enter image description here

E4 member Pokenubz: OU Monotype

enter image description here

E4 member Hex: Ubers

enter image description here

E4 member Blobyolo: UU

enter image description here

Champion Mew

enter image description here

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