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Title says it all.


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If you're asking for help with how to homebrew your console, how to use Action Replay codes, etc. then no, you can't post the question here. The rules page says the following...

No unofficial games or websites: Only questions about official Pokemon games are allowed.
No ROM questions ... if it's not an official game played on a real system, it's not our concern.

...and from that, I've interpreted the stance that this website is for help with the normal, official games how they are naturally "supposed" to be played. So any questions/answers relating specifically to unofficial, modded or emulated games are not allowed.

However, this doesn't mean you're not allowed to utter the word "homebrew". Some examples of questions that relate to "hacking" that I wouldn't say break the rules are:

  • What happens if I receive a hacked Pokemon in my game?
  • How can I tell if my Pokemon is hacked?
  • Why did the game do [something] with this hacked Pokemon?
  • Is a Pokemon "hacked" if it has no impossible traits?

And so on. None of these questions necessarily involve unofficial or modded games, and you could answer them if you were knowledgeable enough about the base games. So they fit here, I think. Let me know if this isn't clear.

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