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l know RMT's are banned pretty much like "Any suggestions for this team?"

But are any types of team questions banned? Or what kinds are okay to be asked? ~

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I'm pretty sure that if the team is complete, you can ask for suggestions as to how to make the team better.
o.o' Are you sure?
Not completely sure.

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Here are the relevant parts from the rules page:

All team questions must list all the Pokemon (i.e. 6 for regular battles, 4 for double battles), all their moves, abilities and any other vital information. Please phrase them along the lines of "How can I improve my team?" and not just "Rate My Team".


Not allowed: Vague questions like "Is this a good pokemon team?" - please make it more specific, for example "How can I improve my team?" and including more information. All team questions must have all the Pokemon and all their moves, plus abilities, items and EVs if known.

So team questions are allowed as long as you give all the needed information. And don't just ask "is this good".

But I think we'll soon be moving them all to a separate section just so they don't clog up the main Q's.

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wait what if you don't know their EVs
OHH! Okay! Thanks than!