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Ok. So I keep modding the same team and I need some help. But asking the same team repeatedly on the RMT would be spam. So my question is: What grass-type should I add to my team? Where shpuld such questions be asked?


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Ask the question in RMT format and then learn from the feedback given to you. If you decided to apply the changes suggested then you shouldn't need to paste straight away. To reduce spam, don't post the RMT as soon as you've made a modification, instead wait until you have made a reasonable amount of modifications and have tested the team on Showdown. If you're still not happy then post another RMT with you current modified team or remove the BA from your old question and update your team.

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Such questions go to the RMT.

All questions regarding competitive teams go to the RMT.
If you already have stated your question there, you just have to wait till it's answered/commented upon.
Many a times in the RMT, you don't get solid answers, but rather get comments.