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So, I just entered the chat. DJ11 was on it an hour ago, and he said things like: "Trachy is a pile of s" and "Pokemaster is a ing b*** and I hate his guts" and also dropped the F-bomb in between. They weren't really censored, but i just added the stars in to make it appropriate. Was he unbanned? I remember reading a question about Dj11(http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/meta/3319/ban-the-user-dj11) and Pokemaster said that he banned him. That question was asked a day ago (according to my computer). Was he unbanned?

There was also another user, by the name of Dewott, who dropped the F-bomb four or five times because no one was replying.

I know you're adding a censor and things to the chat, but I felt that I needed to say this because you supposedly banned Dj11.

I have a screenshot if you want it.

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Darn it. If I ban anyone then they can't post or log in at all, but if they are already logged in they can post on the chat room. I will try an fix asap.

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