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Since Gale Wings has been nerfed in Gen 7, so shouldn't Gale Wings be unbanned?

Depends on how game breaking It'll be. If it is still op against the other annoying woodlands creatures, then no. If not, then yes.
I'm pretty sure the host gets to decide.
Are you sure that Mike will pop up suddenly?
The person who posted an answer on the tournament thread isn't necessarily the host. For example. I'm the host for the current tournament, but the person who posted the answer was Mew.

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Banned abilities: Gale Wings, Reckless, Huge Power on the three BL+ Pokes. Unless it is NFE.

Talonflame is in BL2. The rule applies to BL+ Pokémon. Talonflame no longer fits in to this category, so Gale Wings is no longer banned.


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