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First and foremost, don't forget to take a read at the Guidelines for playing tournaments.
If you would like the create a tournament yourself, then this here is the right place for you!

MrKijani's Triple-Type Tourney!


  • Instead of making a team consisting out of 6 Pokémon, you are restricted to only 3 Pokémon.
  • Every Pokémon should get a different type.
  • These types can only be Fire, Water, and Grass.
  • You are allowed to use dual type Pokémon. If Volcanion and Ludicolo are allowed is voted on right now.
  • Drought and Drizzle abilities are banned (debatable if Rain Dance and Sunny Day should be banned)
  • Conversion and Conversion 2 (and any Move that changes types to one that's not in the category's listed above) are banned.
  • Smogon OU tier and regular OU bans apply.

Signups close on Thursday 17 October. Additional instructions for signing up are at the top
To sign up for this tournament, all you have to do is post an answer before 17 October. Your answer should include your Showdown! username and your exact time zone. All battles will be held on the PokemonDatabase Showdown! Server. Also, if you want to allow or ban anything, then you should include those, too. For example:

Bans: Rain Dance, Sunny Day.

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Congrats to sumwun for winning the tourney!

You are now able to sign up to host for the Rotom tourney!
If you do, then please check the hosting guide.

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Round one Matchups are up!

New bans are:

  • Volcanion and Ludicolo count as 2 Pokémon, so you are only allowed to use the remaining type grass and fire, respectively.
  • Protean and every ability and move that changes a type of any Pokémon on the battlefield, are banned.

ForretressExplosion vs. KRLW890

sumwun vs. [MEGA]StellarLucario

stall_fest vs. SeeYaLater!

EdDaBoss vs. Molthree

Dis oshowott vs. Deathrider (both disqualified)

Good luck!

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This is the dankest copypasta on the Internet right now.
The moves aren't important for this one—the item is. Ferrothorn is a fantastic entry hazard setter that has some valuable defensive properties in checking Pokémon like Ash-Greninja, Magearna, and Tapu Koko. However, one of its main downsides is its lack of reliable recovery, which makes it vulnerable to being worn down over time. Using Rocky Helmet makes this problem even worse, as it doesn't get the passive recovery it desperately needs from Leftovers. The appeal of the item is of course the good chip damage it can incur alongside Iron Barbs, but Ferrothorn generally doesn't switch into many Pokémon that use contact attacks, and it is already good at dealing chip damage with Iron Barbs, hazards, and Leech Seed.
@sumwun ?
@stall_fest I know lol.
You didn't see SYL's rocky helmet Ferrothorn?
@sumwun  I did
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When announcing my win, remember to also announce that hosting is now open for the Rotom tournament and tell people to read the hosting guide.
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Round 2 matchups!

sumwun vs. stall_fest

KRLW890 vs. Molthree

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I am to busy with schul work. I forfeit.
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UTC -13

I think each team should have exactly one Pokemon for each of grass, fire, and water, so using Volcanion means you can use one grass Pokemon to make a team of 2. Also I think all effects that change a Pokemon's type should be banned. No other bans, so dual types, sunny day, and rain dance should be allowed.

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SeeYaLater_db_PkMn (i totally didn't forget my password)
Bans: None.

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i'm actually trying

Voting for: Damp Rock ban, Ludicolo/Volcanion ban, Protean ban

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You are allowed to vote it!
When can you battle? I’m most available on Fridays-Mondays.
I usually schedule battles ASAP, but I'm kinda busy right now. Can we wait until Wednesday to continue scheduling?
Can we battle Friday between 1 and 2 pm your time?
probably can't, would have to be like 2 to 3 hours later
I can't do that time on Friday. Can we do Saturday 7 to 9 pm?
I think so.
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I'll probably forget to check this, so can somebody @ me on discord and I'll answer there please!

Ban Protean

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US Central Time

Wait, do the Pokémon have to be mono-grass/fire/water or can they be dual-typed? If it’s locked to mono, I vote to allow dual-types. Otherwise no vote. Actually ban Protean and other type-changing abilities.

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Yes dual types are allowed, i probably should've made that more clear.
can probably have the most time on weekends (or Friday), but I'm on basically any day
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Ri Unite
Bans- Protean, Greninja-Ash, Arceus Water/Grass/Fire, Ditto, Silvally Water/Grass/Fire.

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Why not greninja + protean?
Why not ban protean on every Pokemon?
When are you available to battle?
Are you checking this thread? Please tell me when you’re available to battle.
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It is ur boy


Bans: Volcanion and Ludicolo, +Damp/Heat Rock.

Can we battle Thursday or Friday 18 to 19 GMT?
What about Saturday or Sunday 17 to 19 GMT?
I no longer have free time on Saturday, but I can battle Sunday midnight to 2 GMT as well as 17 to 19.
Lemme check
Can you play Tuesday midnight to 2 or 16 to 17 (Monday 18 to 20 or Tuesday 10 to 11 your time (assuming you're not still on DS))?
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In badrat123
Bans Drought Drizzle Rain dance Sunny day Greninja

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Username: Deathriderr
+5:30 GMT
Allow Rain Dance and Sunny Day, even with swift swim or chlorophyll. I don't see why not.
Ban Drizzle Pelipper (for having no counters with these rules) and Mega Charizard-Y for being too much, but allow other weather Pokemon such as Politoed, Torkoal and Ninetales.

A Pelipper by itself is easy to check with thunderbolt.
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Showdown name is 1000HP.

EST timezone.

If you're banning Conversions, ban Protean, Camouflage (not that anyone would use that), etc.

If you have difficulty reaching me, ping me on the server's discord or add me: No-Name Horse#1378.

Can we battle on Sunday some time between 12 and 3 pm your time?