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Hi. For those of you who don’t know, I’m hosting MrKijani’s Battle of the Titans tourney. This is a single-elimination tournament that will incorporate the biggest and burliest of Pokemon. There won’t be another tour until the latter half of Autumn, so don’t miss your chance to sign up!


  • Each Pokemon must be at least 5 feet tall OR weigh at least 500 pounds
  • Only one Uber Pokemon allowed
  • Only two OU Pokemon allowed
  • Banlist: Red Orb, Blue Orb, DM-Necrozma, Power Construct, Geomancy, Arceus-Normal
  • To be played in Smogon’s Uber format

Can you fit the requirements and still make a creative team? With these bans you may have to dip into UU, RU, and NU. No spamming those OP Gen6/Gen7 legendaries either. Let's get this battle under way, prepare for the ground to rumble because it's the

*This tourney was suggested a while ago, so the banlist is outdated. Red Orb, DM-Necrozma, and Geomancy will be banned instead of Kyogre. Blue Orb, Yveltal, Xerneas, and Power Construct are also bannable, so if you want, leave a comment below or in your signup post telling what you think should or should not be banned.

EDIT: Based on the majority of votes, Blue Orb and Power Construct are banned. Thanks for your support.

ANOTHER EDIT: Arceus-Normal is banned.

  • Note that Pokemon’s height and weight are determined prior to mega evolution or form changing. For example, Mega Mewtwo Y is allowed since Mewtwo’s base form is over 5 feet
  • Also note that UUBL Pokemon aren’t affected by the rule limiting OU Pokemon

Basic rules that will be forever reiterated:

  • Single elimination best of one bracket tournament
  • Battles are to be held in the DB Showdown! server
  • Smogon clauses apply
  • Spectators cannot influence players’ decisions; participants cannot accept outside help
  • You don’t have to use the same team throughout the tournament

How to participate

If you wish to sign up for the Battle of the Titans tour, please leave an answer down below. Include your Pokemon Showdown! username, timezone, and if you want, who you want to be banned. For example:


Ban: Blue Orb, Yveltal, Power Construct, Stakataka

Signing up means commiting to playing; you are only given 1 week to battle your opponents. If players fail to battle within the time limit, the person who made the least effort loses by default. If both players seem to make lots of effort, but still can’t battle, extensions can be made.

Matchups for Round 1 will be posted on Saturday, September 29th. Organize a battle with your opponent, preferably by posting on their wall or commenting on their answer. Make sure to save battle replays.

MrKijani’s Battle of the Titans

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If someone doesn’t look at this thread for a whole week, I don’t think they’re trying very hard.
almost 1000 views! also tier shifts happened today. will we do same rule as last torney?
Keep the rules the same until the end of the round? That's what Smogon does.
The only thing that happened was that Zeraora moved to UU
Wrong smogon’s twitter has the monthly tier shifts

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Probably should've done this sooner

The Battle of the Titans of the Titans tourney has officially concluded!

1st place: Jofly
2nd place: Ion

How did you make those small letters? TELL ME.
Wrap your text inside <sub>Text</sub> tags @ Vulpix
<sup> should give a similar effect except it'll push the text upwards instead of a bit downwards.
Okay, thanks.
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Matchups for Round 2 are up!

X-Scizor vs. KirbyCuteKing

Octazooka vs. Jofly

Ion vs. KRLW890

Alolan Vulpix vs. EdDaBoss

Schedule a battle with your opponent by posting on their wall or commenting on their answer. After battling, agree who will save the battle replay, and post it as a comment on this answer. Battles are due Sunday, October 14th.

R2 Winners: KirbyCuteKing, Alolan Vulpix, Jofly, Ion

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"Octazookavs. Jofly"

Typo alert :O.
i reckon ion should move on.
in exactly 1 hour and 48 minutes one of them will be disqualified (for me).
Hey! Its the 14th. How come nothing is happening?
Lost to Ion:
Sorry for waiting until the last minute.
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Matchups for Round 1 are up!

Ion vs. Meta Ridley

Alolan Vulpix vs. SeeYaLater!

Stakatacool vs. Jofly

Poké Guy Fieri vs. X-Scizor

KirbyCuteKing vs. Molthree

ForretressExplosion vs. Octazooka

EdDaBoss vs. Azelfeo

KRLW890 vs. thecranpper

Schedule a battle with your opponent by posting on their wall or commenting on their answer. After battling, agree who will save the battle replay, and post it as a comment on this answer. Battles are due Sunday, October 7th. Good luck!

R1 Winners: Ion, Alolan Vulpix, Jofly, X-Scizor, KirbyCuteKing, Octazooka, EdDaBoss, KRLW890

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@KRLW890 your team is illegal. Blissey is only 4’11.
looks like they need a rematch
Huh, you're right. Guess veekun's search tool was wrong. I'll contact carnapper.
omg the rematch was soooooooooooooo close the double protect saved KRLW890
It was a tough battle betwween and my partner....
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Matchups for Semi-finals are up!

Ion vs. KirbyCuteKing

Jofly vs. Alolan Vulpix

Schedule a battle with your opponent by posting on their wall or commenting on their answer. .After battling, agree who will save the battle replay, and post it as a comment on this answer. Battles are due by the end of Tuesday, October 23rd (around 10:00 GMT). THIS IS THE LAST TIME THIS ROUND WILL BE EXTENDED, so please try to battle as soon as possible.

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@X-Scizor, If Jofly is available at 8:30 (maybe earlier, it depends) my time tomorrow, then yes, I can battle.

@Jofly, Are you available at 8:30 my time (10:30 your time) tomorrow?
What? No, you said your timezone is UTC-5/UTC-4, and Jofly’s timezone is UTC+2 (not -2), so Jofly is 6 or 7 hours ahead of you. Meaning when it’s 8:30 P.M. in your timezone, it’s 2:30-3:30 A.M. in his. I don’t think he’ll be online that late, so do you think you can battle earlier?
I’ll be online today as well after 5pm my time.

EDIT: I still have some work to do so it would be easier if you gave me any time between 5pm-11pm my time. I'll make sure to be online at whatever time you choose.
I will choose 10:00 P.M. (your time). If I am not there, then wait untill 10:30 (your time).
@X-Scizor, Let Jofly move on...
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Ion vs. Jofly


Congratulations to both finalists. Battles are due Wednesday, October 31st. Good luck!

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Well done Jof!
Can’t wait till next tournament. I’ll win for sure!
Ah man, I missed it. Congrats, Jofly!
thanks guys
Yeet. Good one Jofly.
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Nickname: TheWhiteTiger727
Timezone: CEST, I'll try to battle on your best time, though, after 22:30 CEST it's probably better to battle me at Saturday.

This is the time for me to claim a win.
Be ready for trouble! I'll win to you with just a Bubble!

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I'm afraid a bubble won't be enough :P.
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I’m in.

SD! Username: KRLW890
Timezone: UTC-5
I should be available most days after and around 1 PM.

I think we should ban Blue Orb and Power Construct, but Xerneas and Yveltal are fine. I don’t have much experience with Ubers, though, so I might not have the best judgment in this regard.

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Showdown! Username: NebbyY
EDT (UTC -4)

I say ban Power Construct.

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I won't screw it up this time.


Ban Blue Orb and Power Construct.

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Did you screw it up before?
you didnt screw up on me i can tell ya that
You are 7 hours ahead of me. I can battle today, tommorrow, next saturday adn nex sunday
Are you ready to battle?
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Name: SecretForestGuy130
Time: EDT (UTC -4)

My time has come, to join!
Hopefully this will be better than that Arceus tourney.

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Username: The Poipole.

Time-zone: EDT (UTC -4/UTC -5).

I hope I don't screw up. I will use the same team in all my battles. I don't believe in changing my team during any type of competition.

I have never done this before.

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Good luck. But I won't go easy (I suck at Competetive so you're gonna win anyway)
@EdDaBoss - Okay guy. Good luck to you too! Also, I'm practically un-predictable.
I'm on right now, I'll let u know on ur wall
Emm, I'm not sure which zone UTC is so I can't do the conversion. But almost all day on Saturday and Sunday, then on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 5pm onwards (my time). Sometimes I just go on Showdown randomly, so just keep checking. Thanks!
AZELFEO when you are next online can you please post on my wall a list of all the times you are DEFINITELY available, so we can coordinate.
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Showdown! name: EdDaBoss
Timezone: GMT+0

I shall try my best!!
(available mostly after 5pm my time)

edited by
It's a slim chance but I could try.
Wait go on Showdown right now and I can battle
(Two hours late. Dang it) I’ll try my best to battle you tomorrow.
Ok that's fine. I can do from 2pm to 4pm (your time) later if you can
I am ready Ed.
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Might as well.
Username: Electric Z
Time Zone: GMT-5
Usually available after 2pm

I think we should ban Dratini, it's way too powerful for this tournament
Same with E-Killer Arceus
But Dratini especially

edited by
You guys are just joking. If Dratini is a threat then Dragonair is even worse.
That's what Dratini wants you to think
Uh, okay. Imagine a E-Killer Arceus with the Life Orb/Lum Berry/Chople Berry.
Which Dratini easily takes down
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I'm gonna do better than the last one, I know it!


I think Power Construct should be banned.

Edit: Band Extreme Speed Killer Arceus It punishes whoever doesn't have Mega Scizor/Strong Fighting types too badly :P


edited by
ban: blacephalon
Naw, Blacephalon is lucky to have the privilege as a choice. In all honesty, the amount of ground and water types make Blace quite useless :P
Stakataka does even worse against ground and water types lol
but Stakataka has it's uses, and Is the most noble wall this world has ever been graced with. Stakataka will be better support than Blacephalon a sweeper :P
When do you want to play?
I'll be on tomorrow. Probably between 12Pm and 3pm (my time), as we discussed in chat. :P
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UTC -5

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Me too: MoonlitMadness

Central Daylight Time

Ban: Red ORB: Dusk Mane Necrozma

But those things are already banned lol.
I want them banned out of this wolrd...
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im down :P
username: KirbyCuteKing

UTC+10 (changing to UTC+11 in 9 days)

ban: blacephalon. yeah im banning you blacephalit

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Pokémon Showdown! username: Marvelous Metroid
Timezone: EDT

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Hi AV I'm playing you next. I'm free on Monday at 5 pm (my time) or 2 pm (your time)
Are you available today at 2:00 P.M. (my time)? I don't think I would make it at 2:00 P.M. on Monday, or any week day. There's a really slim chance I would make it.
Well I can't do 2 but I can do 3-4 pm your time if you can
3:00 - 4:00 P.M. my time, today? That is perfect!
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Ri Unite
PDT (UTC -7)

I feel you should ban:
ability: Harvest, Sturdy, Wonder Guard, Effect Spore
move: Stealth Rock, Fly, Sleep powder, Thunder Wave, Spore, Stun Spore, Moonlight, Synthesis
pokemon: Shedinja, Blissey Chancey, Mega Lopunny
Item: Iapapa Berry, Life Orb

not primal groudon, not xerneas, shedinja...
Shedinja is too short to join anyway.
shedinja is banned in the first place cuz it isnt heavy enough or tall enough
1) All of the Pokemon you mentioned are already banned because they aren’t tall or heavy enough.
2) Spore/Sleep Powder are affected by Sleep Mod, so I don’t think they don’t need to banned.
3) Everything else you listed is not OP at all.
Are you communicating with your opponent? Maybe you should allow people to post on your wall for the duration of the tour.
I am 2 hours ahead of you, so tell m what time is good for you
I don’t think you’ll ever be online.