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Hello, and welcome to the Avatar tournament, as suggested by MrKijani! Fittingly enough, at the time of writing this, Avatar: The Last Airbender just released on Netflix a couple weeks ago (highly recommend watching/rewatching it if you have the chance to), so now seems like the perfect opportunity to jump into this tournament!


  • The tournament will be conducted in Gen 8 National Dex OU format (see below)
  • There will be 4 tribes based on the classical elements of Fire, Water, Earth, and Air
  • Tribes will be randomly assigned to players once signups close, with an equal (or as close to equal as possible) distribution of players among the 4 tribes
    • To compensate for this, there will be a 5-day grace period in between the assigning of tribes and the start of the first round, to allow time for teambuilding
  • Each tribe will have a list of 4 types that are assigned to them. Members of a tribe may only use Pokemon that are one or both of their tribe's assigned types
  • The tribes and their types are as follows:
    • Fire: Fire, Electric, Dark, Dragon
    • Water: Water, Ice, Grass, Poison
    • Earth: Ground, Rock, Steel, Fighting
    • Air: Flying, Psychic, Ghost, Fairy
  • Pure Normal type Pokemon may be used by anyone; however, Normal type Pokemon with a secondary typing may only be used by the tribe the secondary type is assigned to (e.g. Ditto may be used by anyone, but Unfezant can only be used by Air tribe members)
  • All Bug type Pokemon may be used by anyone, regardless of secondary typing
  • Members of the same tribe will only face each other should such a matchup be deemed unavoidable
  • The following moves are banned: Camoflauge, Conversion, Conversion 2, Forests Curse, Magic Powder, Reflect Type, Soak, Trick-or-Treat
  • The following Abilities are banned: Color Change, Forecast, Libero, Protean, Mimicry
  • All matches will be best of 3; you may not switch out your team in between two battles of the same match
  • You are not the Avatar. Deal with it

Other Basic Rules:
- Battles will (tentatively) be conducted on the Pokemon DB Showdown server
- Standard Smogon battle clauses and National Dex OU bans apply
- Spectators may not influence a player's decisions, nor can players accept outside help during a battle
- You are not required to have the same team throughout the tournament; you may swap out team members between rounds if you so choose
- Save your replays

Please post all battle replays to the thread here. If a battle between two players is not conducted before the set deadline, then I will decide whether an extension will be granted or if a player will be disqualified for inactivity.

I will be watching each replay to ensure these rules are followed, and should they be broken, the offending player will be disqualified.


Signups are now closed. Thank you to everyone who participated.

Please read sumwun's guidelines for tournament participation before signing up.

For those interested in signing up, please post an answer below. Your answer should include your Pokemon Showdown username, your time zone, and what hours and days you will be available to battle normally. Additionally, there has been some talk about having tournaments conducted in NatDex OU in the past instead of the standard OU format, so please also specify which format you would like to see this tournament conducted in. Whichever format has the most votes by the time sign-ups close will be the format this will be played in, and the thread will be updated to reflect this.

As for an example of how to sign up:

Showdown Username: Finchwidget
Time Zone: GMT -4 (Eastern Standard Time)
Availability: Generally available all day on weekends, or on weekdays before 2:00 PM and after 9:00 PM
OU or NatDex OU?: Standard OU format

No more than 16 players may sign up. Sign-ups will close on Sunday, June 21th at 12:00 AM EST, at which time tribe assignments will also be posted below. First-round matchups will be posted on Friday, June 26th at 12:00 AM EST

Use a time zone converter to help you decide battle times.

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If you use Mega Gyarados would that be allowed in a fire tribe team?
Yes it would
I:> that is news to me
It's Dark type, so it's cool. However, Mega Gyarados wouldn't be ok on an air tribe team, bc it no longer has its Flying type

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NebbyY of the Earth Tribe is our tour winner!

Thanks to everyone that signed up! This has probably been one of our biggest tours in a while, and I'm grateful for that; hope that trend continues with our future tours! Special thanks to nebs and krlw for letting me pick their brains on competitive and hosting related stuff when I needed help :) It's been nice hosting this tour, and see you all for the next one!
Past Battles:
Finals: KirbyKing vs. NebbyY
Semifinals: melcakes vs. NebbyY, KirbyKing vs. ~MegaCharizardY~
Quarterfinals: PX ™ vs. KirbyKing (no replay), Dawkwai_Z vs. ~MegaCharizardY~, Mega-Blade X vs. melcakes, Codeine Kiss vs. NebbyY
First Round: PX ™ vs. Rayquaza2753 (inactivity win), ForretressExplosion vs. KirbyKing (inactivity win), Dawkwai_Z vs. ItsYaBoiFlareon, FoxyTire vs. ~MegaCharizardY~, stateside_heavy vs. melcakes, KRLW890 vs. Mega-Blade X, Codeine Kiss vs. HailDuggee, PorygonZangoose vs. NebbyY
Tribe Assignments:

Fire: PX ™, PorygonZangoose, melcakes, ~MegaCharizardY~
Water: Dawkwai_Z, HailDuggee, Rayquaza2753, Mega-Blade X
Earth: NebbyY, ForretressExplosion, ItsYaBoiFlareon, stateside_heavy
Air: Codeine Kiss, KirbyKing, KRLW890, FoxyTire

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Nice, gg. I'll update the thread in a little bit; if a staff member wants to update the Hall of Fame, please do
I'll do the hall
i thought you wouldn't lead with exca after round 2
Congrats to NebbyY!
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I’m not very good at this stuff but I love to battle so....

Username: VoltBolt55

Time zone: Apparently GMT-6 idk let’s hope Google doesn’t lie :P (Mountain Daylight Time, if that helps)

Availability: Not really any specific times, I can jump on at about 10 pm my time, and other than that.... it’s really random.

Format: I’d say just standard OU.

So.... yeah that’s it I’m super excited but I’m also terrified (runs to teambuilder).

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Showdown!: PerhapsFlareon (dont expect me to get far)

Time: 9-11am Pacific Standard or 2-4pm Pacific Standard on Weekdays, a bit more on Weekends

PS. Thanks for reminding me about the rewatch :P

Good luck everyone!

oh yeah natdex

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Dang it NatDex is gonna win.
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Username: KirbyCuteKing
Timezone: AEST +10
Availability: anytime on weekends, limited on weekdays
Format: NationalDex OU
Good luck everyone!

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Sure lmao. I'm gonna get yeeted out on the first round as Sumwun will inevitably get the water tribe and stall me with Toxapex so that won't be fun
Username: Literally Grass
Timezone: UTC +0 or GMT +1 whichever one you read.
Availability: Pretty much any time if I remember.
Format: Toxapex will be in both so Natdex AG.

GG in advance to whoever gets water tribe and beats me with mono water stall. I'll have an absolutely champion time fighting you.

oh no...
I surprised this has been up for 10 hours and sumwun hasn't done anything about that S.
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Username: NebbyY☆

Timezone: EST

Availability: Basically any time, but Friday is awkward for me

Format: Standard OU

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Yay a person who agrees that Standard OU should be the format!
wrong (Filler)
i agree... that it should be natdex
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Rayquazachu is my username.

GMT 1? According to GMT website.
3:30 probably

National Dex OU.

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when can you fight
1:00. Tommorow.
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Showdown Username: Codeine Kiss
Time Zone: EST
Availability: Any day in the evening, can make any time work though.
NatDex OU

Sorry I didn’t see this until now. I probably would have been ready at that time, but I still won’t be home until tomorrow
It's fine, I can wait
Today's a Tuesday so would you like to play today morning (for you)?
I can play, yes
Sure let's play now my name is Ooftello2
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Showdown username: KRLW890
Time zone: American central
Availability: I’m free weekends, Mondays, and Friday afternoons.
Standard OU

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Are you able to battle now?
Didn’t even realize you commented here until 30 minutes after I commented on yours :P
Yeah, I can battle anytime today.
Sorry I didn't respond yesterday. My bad. When can you battle today? Does around now work?
Starting from about 1:00 your time, I’ll be keeping an eye on the Database’s server pretty much all day. I have an extension that’ll ping me whenever somebody joins, so just join when you’re ready.
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Ok sure I'll do it. I'm sorry in advanced to my team mates lol

Fresher Than You
I'll ban you if you beat me

Standard OU

it was a comment, actually.
Oh yeah I'll ban you lol
Noooooo! Second Chance. Plz. XD
when you wanna battle?
Rest In Peace me lmao
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I'm interested. I think I will give it a go.
Username: Zangoose373
Time Zone: GMT-4
Availability: 12:30 am to 3 am, 7 am to 10 pm.
Format: NatDex OU

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Is NatDex the National Pokedex?
Yup. (filler)
NatDex contains only the pokemon found in the National Park in Gold, Silver, Crystal, HeartGold, and Soulsilver and their evolutions. Hardcore fans use only the 'mons found and not their evolutions.
@Flareon. Not true. Natdex does indeed mean every Pokémon. You were probably just saying it as a joke, but it looks like PorygonZangoose might have taken you seriously.
oh it was a joke lol. sorry for the confusion.
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I want to sing up
Time zone: GMT -3
Username in showndown: FoxyTire
I'm able to battle at Mondays to Fridays at 13:10 to 18:00
Format: national dex is fine to me :D

When do you have time to battle? I’m not really sure what time it would be over there compared to here :/
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Eh, might as well give it a shot.

Username: XScipio

My time zone is Eastern Standard Time.

I'm usually available around 12:00 to 2:00 EST. That's not always the case, though.

Standard OU, I suppose.

Good luck to all!

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When can you battle?
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6-11pm weekdays, whenever i feel like weekends

im screwed
melcakes, would Wednesday at 6 work for you?
ye man
When are you available to battle?
any day 6-11
Gotcha. I might be able to battle a bit later.
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Idk if i will be able to but i'd love to join

Time zone GMT -5 or Eastern Daylight time
I should be on a lot usually later in the day
natdex ou

I need to watch the series

by signing up you are battling guaranteed
i can probably battle on the weekends, what about you?
i can do tomorrow at 1pm your time, i think thats the right time. it would be 10am for me if that helps?
im ready rn if u are
dude i got on just for you to not ;-;
Let’s gooooo ur my next competition.
When can you battle?
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This is a great idea for a tournament. I understand that by posting an answer, I'm signing up, but may I be considered as an alternate? I simply don't want to exclude anyone who really wants to do this who just happened to miss out on the chance to sign up due to time zone differences, life, etc.

Showdown username: bluemilkfarms
Time zone: American central
Availability: I’m available most Saturdays and most evenings. Sunday is a no-go. I suspect the battles I take part in will be over quickly.
Standard OU

Again, this is a really fun idea.

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As of right now you'll still be able to participate, since we're at exactly the max amount of people signed up. But yeah, if anyone else joins, they'll take your slot and you'll become an alternate instead of them, if that's what you would like
Log on to the DB server ( and we’ll coordinate where we’ll play
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Showdown User: Ri Unite
Time Zone: PST
Availability: Every day 4-5 PM PT
Standard OU

you have discord?
you ready yet?
its 4pt you ready
you ready?
i have school next week so its today or not
Dude, chill, there's no need to spam him. You've still got a good five days left to battle, plus I can always grant an extension if you aren't able to do it by then.
yeah problem is i have school at like 3pm pst
are you ready? its 5pm come on
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Username: Ooftello2
Time zone: GMT 5:30 +
I’m available on weekends, and Tuesday, Thursday Afternoons in my Time zone of course.
Standard OU

I am joining because stateside_heavy decided to substitute if somebody joins. I can’t wait for this tournament!

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