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So I created, am hosting and am playing in this one? Time to abuse my power! Ahem, anyway, welcome to the I'll Follow You Tournament! This is also the first of the new Seasonal Format, so there won't be another one until the latter half of Summer.

You start off with a Pokemon of your choice, but it must be dual type'd. The second Pokemon's Primary Typing must then match the Secondary typing of the former Pokemon. I'll give an example:

Venusaur here is Grass/Poison. The following Pokemon must then start as Poison type.



Drapion's Primary type is poison, and secondary is dark. The next Pokemon' primary type would then be dark and so forth.

The last Pokemon can be dual type'd, contrary to the original post.

Pokemon don't need to be switched in through this order, once in battle it's just a normal battle. But please order the team in this way in the team builder.

A team only needs to fit the type restrictions in team builder, so if Pokemon change type mid battle (such as mega evolving), that's fine.

The base Pokemon is what is considered for the team building. Mega Sceptile is considered pure grass type, Mega Gyarados is still considered Water/Flying etc

Basic rules that will be forever reiterated:

  • Smogon OU Clauses
  • Single elimination best of one brackets
  • Battles are to be held on the Pokemon DB Showdown! server
  • Spectators cannot influence player's descions, and players cannot accept outside help. If you break this rule
    you may not be allowed to compete in the future.
  • You can use a different team every match if you wish

How to participate

Signing up means committing to playing. If you sign up, you must be prepared to play each of your games. Failure to do so results in disqualification. Check this thread regularly, at least once a week. This tour will progress quickly.

Communicate with your matched opponent through comments on this thread and on each other's walls. If a game is not played whoever made the most attempt to play the game is given the win. If neither can be said to make effort, both will be disqualified

Sign up by posting an answer in this thread! Feel free to make it look nice and be witty, but include the following information: Pokemon Showdown! username(s) and Timezone

For example:

Showdown name: Fresher Than You
Timezone: GMT+0

Sign Ups close Sunday the 24th and matches begin the following Monday

Want to suggest your own tournaments? Do so here!

PX's Battling Basics

Finally, remember to have fun!

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Dang I suck at life.
EdDaBoss, I'm pretty sure you're supposed to post the replay under the matchups.
Also, maybe Clefable really is a better Unaware wall than Quagsire.
Even if I didn't hate fairies, Clefable is hard to use in this format.
Ice, Ground types are blessed in this tourney.

Say no to Noivern

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Final round!

Shining Yin Vs PX

So yes, technically Mike's team was illegal. However, as you can see in the replay we discussed it and I was fine with it. And he won without using said illegal mon at all, so it didn't effect the outcome. Since I am both the tour host, tour creator and the opponent, I honestly don't care.

Shining Yin is your champion!

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I'll join up.

Name: Shining Yin
Timezone: GMT -5

Time to claim another w.

lmao ez flags poo poo face head ass @EdDaBoss
when was the last time you've even been on showdown XD
lmfao I recently started getting on more
do u go by a diff alt or something now?
@Pahff tf
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Sup Im coming in

You'll know it when I arrive
Timezone: GMT -7

I'm taking this crown

The God has returned
You taking this L if anything my guy.
Mike's trash talking is both ?! and !! at the same time
You aint about it cuz Im bout to hit an ezclap
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Yo someone's gotta beat Mike's ass
I'm in :)

Name: Sempi
Note: might be some random name I've touched Showdown 3 years, I'll change it here accordingly
Timezone: AEST

I'll try bring some others outta retirement just so Mike gets knocked out round 1

Oh really? Don't be surprised when I 6-0 you r1 ;)
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As I said, I'm in on this baby!

Showdown name: Fresher Than You
Timezone: GMT+0

Step up.

I must get you this time.. Need to avenge my Uber Goat defeat :/

1v1 regardless of matchups?
Yes thats correct
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I have played stall in OU, Stall Vs Stall is pretty boring.

I 'm thinking sumwun is going to use Mega Slow BRO+ Quagsire/Rotom Wash/Mantine?
You like stall? But....but.....but....

.....bonecrushing hits.....
Well I'm good for Tuesday evening, 5:30 PM if you are? Post on my walls when you can
Yep, 6-7PM my time I can do.
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Sure, why not sign up. I don't suck at competitive and make stupid sets that don't work at all or anything (pls don't comment saying I do all of the above)

Showdown! name: SceptileLeafBlade
Timezone: London time, I SUCK at timezones and that is something people can relate to :)

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You do all of the above. I’m praying I have to go up against you and SYL, and nobody else
Umm what about me? I suck. (Wow why do I keep attacking myself)
You keep attacking yourself because you’re awful at Pokémon and a terrible person that deserves to be shut in a pc box for the rest of his life. (I’m jk)
I am pretty awful...
What do you mean only battling me?! Lol evil. :P
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I'm being forgiving since there won't be another tour after this for a little while. I'll get hold of those two and see where they at.
Sempi and Pikamaster are being super lame and boring, Sempi gave Pikamaster the win
^ I knew there was one problem my team had and I didn't know it until I actually fought one
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Probably not gonna get very far, but here goes.

Showdown! name: LycanPauler
Time Zone: EST (UTC -4)

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Why can't you please just use a different username?
What’s wrong with this username?
I hate the attention that Pokemon #025 gets. Pokémon is a huge franchise, not only a TV show. If there was no Pokémon that can represent every branch, then the mascot should at least represent the core series games because that's where the franchise started. Pokemon #025 doesn’t represent them very well, except for Pokémon Yellow Version. Pokemon #025 only became important when the Pokémon anime started airing. The first episode was aired on April Fools day, so Pokemon #025’s status as mascot was probably just some kind of prank.
Still, I don’t think they randomly picked it just because of anime. Pikachu is cute and cool, equally appealing to both genders. It is popular thanks to the Anime, so it would be recognizable if you think about it. Maybe Eevee would be a good alternative, but Pikachu isn’t that bad, is it?

But, if u will hate me if I use this nickname, I’ll use my other one.
sumwun I joined you group of pikachu hating people. Also I hate charizard.
Any Pokemon could have become recognizable if they were marketed differently. I don't see how Pokemon #025 is different. Eevee would have been a much better franchise mascot because at least it was already a unique Pokemon from the start and isn't popular just because the guy on the TV show uses it.
But the way you switched names...are you implying that Lycanroc would be a better mascot? Because I think I'm going to have to post a separate rant about that.
No, Lycanroc wouldn't be a good mascot. It is just my other username. :P
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I'm in it to win it! Even though this is my first time doing a tournament, I shall play my best!

Showdown! name: NebbyY
Timezone: EDT (UTC -4)

Let's do this.

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Showdown Name: A Geeky Jawa
Timezone: GMT+8

Maybe I'll get lucky this time.

Alright its meh and u.
I'll be available anytime after I wake up which is 10 hours from now, so when do you want to battle?
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Timezone: CEST (Belgium)
Showdown Name: I have two of them, but I'll go by TheWhiteTiger727
But the tourney begins on monday, and I will go to another land.
Timezone: CEST (Geneve)
I may couldn't take part in every tourney day. Because I am in Geneve then. And I have things to do there.

This is my first tourney, but let's do thizz!

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Count me in

My name on db showdown is Admewn_db

My timezone is eastern standard time (EST)

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xD use your own account
include your actual account name or your inclusion won't be valid.
No that's actually my name on db showdown I'm not joking.
You could use your Pewdify account, its your only one that doesn't jest another user's name. :P
Alright I changed it
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Showdown! nickname: EdDaBoss
Timezone: GMT + 0
Available Times: 5:00PM onwards till about 5:45

Let's do this!

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Erm... well I can do 8AM my time tomorrow (7PM your time) if you can. Otherwise, I'm going to be o Showdown for most of tomorrow on and off, so just go on in Lobby. If I'm not there, just post a comment under this answer then wait like 15 mins and I will be on ASAP. Sorry for not being able to make this week :(
Sorry I missed that comment. Can we maybe meet online sometime around 6-7 pm your time? I can't go online earlier than that tomorrow.
Yep, 6-7PM my time I can do.
Sorry I was 19 minutes late. I saw your messages on Showdown!.
You had better beat PX or I just wasted my loss against you.
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Hola kiddos. I'm a bit rusty as I've been mostly shiny hunting these days in Pokemon, but this unique format looks like fun.

Thanks, PX, for putting it in PokeBase, I'd never have seen it.

PS!: 1000HP
Timezone: EST (-5)

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Lol that wasn't so hard to make a team I think is fantastic, let's see how hard this flops
When can you battle? (posted on your wall a while ago, but just posting here in case)
Lmk on my wall
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Name: MechSteelix
Timezone: EST (GMT - 5)

I'll sign up.

I'm assuming that you just go on the site for tourneys?
p much
I might actually make a post here that's not just gonna be tourneys, but I'm still working on it.
PX prob knows what I'm talking about.
I have no idea what you're talking about I have awful memory
I don't blame you. It was a few months ago? I've been really busy with school and all.

It was about making a thread for replays with analysis - I mentioned it on your wall
Yo when do you wanna spar? I'm on rn if you're free, otherwise just hmu with a time.
I can battle like 5pm - 6pm on thursday (hopefully I don't forget). Weekends are also easier for me, should be available after 2pm on those days
Ready to battle rn.
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This looks fun (:

PS! name: (TBD) (most prolly Triceratops Rex, but may change :/)

Timezone: GMT +5:30

Another dead user revived! Damn is PX into seances?
NOoooOooo I just finished my team todAy NoOooO
You're up against Mike. Should I feel sorry for you or something?
I'm on right now. Please join up.
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Round 2 is Up!

EdDaBoss Vs PX

Leafy Blade Vs eXcess

Shining Yin Vs Pikamaster

MechSteelix gets a Bye

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PX, stay on your guard for EdDaBoss. He won against sumpun(:P), and maybe he really gets to be the "DaBoss" this time.
Go eXcess! LeafyBlade, you don't wanna know how eXcess's team looks like!

Also, RIP ETN. ):
Wow SYL, here I thought we had something going.... :'(
GG I suck so bad. Once my Heatran died, I knew it was over. :(((
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Ok PX. Me and you. Im so screwed.
Leafy, OML, you have gone so far! I (never) believed in you!
This is is far as he goes
Mike you promised you gotta deliver :p

Although I'll be sad if MechSteelix loses too, he's a pretty cool dude iirc :p

Won gg. Coming after you next PX, get ready.
Yeah shining yin, go get PX for me.