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I made this account, not realizing that I already have an account with my primary email address, please could you make this account inactive or delete it please Pokémaster.

Sorry about this.

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There isn't really such a thing, but I have banned the account for now. But please DON'T hide all your posts, that makes no sense.

I'm hoping this isn't someone else who's got into your account. Also please let me know the username for your older existing account, so that it doesn't raise suspicion as a duplicate.

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Just don't use tHe aCCount wiCH you're using Currently, tHere's no point in deleting it.

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Sorry about tHe random CAps, my keyboard is aCting funny and only displays Certain letters in CAps.
<NotE to self>
I thought you were trying to say something in code...
lol :D