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My email was hacked so im going to make a new account called CharizardsFury. To prevent the hackers abusing this current account could you delete it please?

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I don't think he wants to delete accounts. And if so I would do a new one also
Pm did say a while back he would delete accounts, but only if you could prove it wasn't a troll question.
I banned this account instead. Same thing really.
CharizardsFury and charizardsfury is the same name, so you can't change your user name to that name. :P
Also, I believe you can simply just change the email, right?
Hes new one is KyogreTech
But maybe the hacker hacked into this account and posted this question just to get him banned?! o3o!!!!

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Accounts don't usually get deleted because it deletes all their posts. Looks like you started a new account, so no problem.

But if your email got "hacked" you could have just gone to your account and put a different email in there, then confirm the new email.

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