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So, for a while after my return I was wondering why there were not any categories for moves (Physical, special, status), which is really inconvinient. I remembered them being there before I left, but they don't show up anymore and I keep on forgeting to mention it. Today I remembered, and before I posted this I checked on Firefox and there they were next to the moves, so I concluded that must just be an internet explorer problem, but it would be great if you could try to fix it. I can take a screenshot if it would help you see what I mean. Thanks!

PS I hate internet explorer

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Amen to that, Bud. Internet Explorer's only use as an application is to use it to download another browser.
The only reason that I use it is because my sister uses firefox and it won't let us both have our e-mail open...
And what about Opera? I herd it´s cool
OK I see the problem, I will fix this tonight. It's basically the same thing that broke the arrows on pokebase a few weeks ago.
BTW it works fine with the latest version of IE (v9). If you want a good browser, try Google Chrome.

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I think I have fixed this now, let me know if it works for you! The HM page should also be fixed at http://pokemondb.net/move/group/hm

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Thanks.  It works now.  I love the way everyone is giving me suggestions of how to escape internet explorer :)