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I propose we instate a minimum characther limit of 500 to 1000 characters in the RMT. This would decrease the amount of incomplete q/a and spare the senior users a lot of editing answers that should have been comments and teams that looks like this:
> lok at mi zuper mega aweszome tim!!!
> serizard
> mewtoo
> pichacu
> agumon
> this is the bszt tim ever!

And even if you just post a team with all the necessary details, you are bond to fullfill such a limit.

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Descriptions are not required, so this is useless.

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I am aware of that, and it wasn't my intention to force people into writing descriptions, but to include relevant data such as EVs, Natures, Items, Moves and so on.
well 500 characters worth of EVs seem like a little much..
Ok that might be right, 300 is probably more suitable.
A team, with the name, Evs, moves, items, abilities and the phrase
"Please help me with my team"
Is about 250 words
If a team lacks that info, you can tell that person they need to include it. There isn't really a need for a minimum.