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While we can trust answers that are the users own experience, when numbers are involved there are few reliable sites.

Perhaps we have a list of "approved sites" that can be used as a source. Examples would be: bulbapedia, serebii, smogon, marriland, this site. More could of course be included.

Now these sites aren't always correct (I ever tell you about the time bulbapedia actually posted a fake equation I made up to prove a point on one of their articles? Then there was the time I lost a tournament due to false information on bulbapedia.) However, these sites are far more reliable than some random place on the internet.

Sites that aren't on the approved list of sites could still help in getting the correct answer. And nobody would be forced to allow just these sites. But it would help make sure that skepitcal users such as myself get more reliable answers. Call it a guideline.

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As much as I think this would be a great idea, I don't understand why you would want to put information sites on an information site. We already have a Pokedex here for every Pokémon, and, we have almost every last evo moveset. To be honest, DB already has a lot of information other Pokémon fans may or may not know. And if they don't find an answer- well, they can ask it here!
We already do put information sites on this site. We quote bulbapedia and smogon (also sometimes serebii, although not often) for answers to questions. These sites provide us with numbers and metagame information that this site does not have in its regular database. This cannot be avoided. As such, we can provide a list of reliable sources in order to help people provide truthful information, rather than going to say the Gamestop forums.

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This is pretty much already the case. People usually use PokemonDb, Serebii or Bulbapedia as sources. Or if they post unreliable sources people comment saying so.

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