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how about adding a polls section in this site so people cant ask rule breaking Qs.

a 'users that are online on the site' section not only on the chat

a guide to each game on how to play it

gym puzzle answers

and a featured pokemon each day

a sidebar on the site with alerts like 'so and so posted a question or comment' or you just got voted down' or 'somebody answered or commented on your question'

an IM system for private battling/trading requests

an items list

uber list

overused pokemon list

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I like the Pokemon of the day.^^
- l like the Polls idea by the way.
- They already have a Users online section, in the [Chat room][1] in a box to the right.
- As for a guide to each game, you mean a walkthrough?
- They already got a Gym puzzle answer section for most gyms in most games [here][2].
- l also like the featured Pokemon of the day idea too, but for what purpose?
- An activity bar would be over spammed all the time with all of the activity going on the site, you can alwyays click Activity in the Pokebase: [This link will show Recent Activity][3].

But let's just see what Pokemaster thinks of these ideas anyways! ~

  [1]: http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/chat
  [2]: http://pokemondb.net/maps
  [3]: http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/activity
by gym puzzles i meant all of them

for the activity bar i just dont want to wait hours for a question to be answered

the featured pokemon is just a thing for fun

and as a guide i mean a walkthorugh

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To answer in order:

  1. I do plan to add polls at some point. We were supposed to have some "Pokebase awards" back in April but I didn't get round to doing it.
  2. Maybe. With the new version of the Q&A software we are running it's possible to do this.
  3. If you mean a walkthrough, then I probably won't do this. The gameplay is pretty easy for the most part. If you get stuck, ask a question on Pokebase, that is what it's for!
  4. We have many maps and gym puzzles. Again, most of them are straightforward, there is only one route through. If you want a specific guide just ask and I might add it.
  5. To be honest I don't have the time to run a Pokemon of the day/week. We did think about focusing on a few Pokemon each week to do movesets for, so we could do that.
  6. I am planning on adding a notification thing - similar to what happens when you tick the box for emails, but instead list everything on the site to make it easier.
  7. Why does it need to be private? Using the chat room is pretty easy to organise that stuff.
  8. Working on it.
  9. and 10. Those are tiers decided by Smogon (and sometimes others) so they are not facts as such, just people's opinions.
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