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A section on the site for user-created articles.

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What I was thinking was that it would be nice if there was a section on the site for people to write up articles or pages of information on specific subjects of Pokemon.

These would basically just explain and provide information on certain things in Pokemon that some people may find useful, like the EV training page you have which provided a really good explanation of EVs that I am sure helped a ton of people understand the concept.

However, since you are busy and all, I thought it would be nice if some of us wrote the articles and gave them to you to review before putting them up on the site. Some subjects I thought might be useful are the Friend Safari, what tiers/competitive battles are (specifically this), Pokemon Amie & Super Training, friendship, and other stuff that I'm forgetting. Not only will this help a load of people out, it will also attract a load of visitors to the site.

Just a suggestion I thought would be cool. Also, just a small reminder to fix the bug where people can reshow their rejected posts. People are becoming really persistent with it!

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Excellent idea.
yes, great idea for the forums.
Yes please ;3
I luv this :D
Sounds good to me :)
Can I do the Pokemon Amie article? I absolutely adore Pokemon Amie and I'd be happy to do it.
But either way, yes, great suggestion. Like how Serebii does it - he let's some users create articles for the site.

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