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Somebody did approve them for some reason, even though one provides none of the information movesets need, and the other two are just copying off smogon, descriptions and all.
Do you mean they keep showing up in the moderate section? Maybe geodudedude is editing them and resaving, though I don't think you can do that if they are hidden.
Yeah, they keep on showing up in the moderate section.
It happened again with another answer http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/133049/bronzong-or-metagross?show=153531#a153531

Rejected because it provides no explanation at all to a five month old question.
Bump. I think the only way this could happen is that rejected posts can be reshown by the person who wrote them. It needs to stop, these people are really persistent >.>
Fizzy, trachy found a way around this though it should be fixed :P

(Manually hide the question which means approve+hide=no more reshowing)
I worked that out, though it is still a nuisance to have to load every page and approve then hide. I also dislike that because the person can see who hid their post. If you hit reject it doesn't show who hid it.
I keep forgetting that I can do it though so thanks for the reminder I guess xP

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